Install Unblockr DNS addon Kodi


Install Unblockr DNS addon Kodi

I will start this blog post with a big Thank you to Tony over at TEKTO Kodi for allowing me to use his work for this blog and for allowing me to pass on this great add-on to all of our readers. It also includes a discount code for you to use. So there is no excuse on not giving it a go today and opening content that is blocked in the UK that the rest of the world is enjoying.

You will remember i wrote a post on NHL on Demand a couple of days ago which is a great add-on but its content is blocked to UK Users well this add-on will solve this issue read by post HERE

There are loads of add-on within Kodi that are not available in the uk without a custom URL, to many to mention on here now. Custom URL’s can be a pain in the arse as they are always getting closed down and changing and you spend you life looking for the replacement. example of one below for popular Add-on ICEFILMS.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.15.19

As you can see below this allows you to also use the Add-on

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.17.43

Unblockr is a smart DNS service, that in simple terms unblocks sites that you may find blocked or censored by your ISP.The traditional means of gaining access is to you use a VPN service, however, you will find that even the best of these will throttle your bandwidth somewhat.The advantage of Unblockr smart DNS service is that there is no slowdown, in fact it is likely it will speed up your general web access experience as the service is faster than the service provided by your ISP.This is a real win-win scenario.Using a smart DNS service requires you to log the device or router IP address with your account for it to work, which with a Kodi box or firestick can be a pain.

Every time you reboot your router you’ll need to change the IP on your device…until now!


Unblockr have created a Kodi add on that will auto update your details each time your start Kodi, a few mins to set up and no more hassle entering IP !


You will need an Unblockr account for this to work but you can get a  7 day free trial just to be sure it works like they say (and as Tony says it does btw! and really well).


First off lets get a trial so got the the Unblockr site and sign up for a trial or you can use this exclusive 50% discount code TEKTO and get it for £10 for the first year!


Right enough of the waffle lets get started on how to install this Add-on to your device today.

Unblockr Smart DNS for Kodi | tekto

  • Start Kodi
  • Highlight System
  • Click File Manager 
  • Double Click Add Source
  • Click on “None”
  • Type this EXACTLY
  • Click done
  • Enter a name for this Repo – Unblockr
  • Click done
  • Go back to Home Screen
  • Click System
  • Click install from zip
  • Go to Unblockr Repo and Click
  • Click on
  • Wait for  Add on enabled notification
  • Click Get Add ons
  • Click on Unblockr Addons
  • Click on Services
  • Click Unblockr IP Manager
  • Click Install
  • Wait for the add on enabled notification

You will now we need to configure the add on – hopefully you signed up for a trial earlier as you will now need to log in to your Unblockr account and grab your unique API key to validate your service.

  • Login into your account and click on Edit Profi
  • Scroll down and locate your Secret API Key
  • Make a note of it, we need to put this into the Kodi add on
  • Go Back to Kodi
  • Click on the Unblockr IP Manger
  • Click Configure
  • Enter the API Key you noted down in Enter Secure Key
  • The refresh is set to 1 hr, you can make it 4 hours by entering 14400
Head back to Video Addons and try Primewire with the original URL, I haven’t changed mine for months using this service…

Just remember – if you reboot your router, restart kodi to refresh your router IP to your Unblockr account.


DON’T FORGET TO USE THE CODE  TEKTO for a 50% discount when your trial finishes!

Thanks again to Tony for this info and allowing us to share with you, if i do use other people work i will always credit them for it. This is a great community and if we all work together we can make it even better. As i stated in our thanks for support post.

If you have a favorite Kodi blog you use, then by all means continue to use them. We are not here to offer competition. If they do their thing and we do our thing, everyone can be happy. After all some of them are absolutely fantastic sites. We will not bad mouth any other site as that’s not we do, let’s all be happy. Its a real shame others don’t follow our example.


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