Install Unpause Jumpback Kodi Addon



Install Unpause Jumpback Kodi Addon

Good Afternoon All.

Today i am going to show you How to Install Unpause Jumpback Kodi Addon.

What is it i hear you asking yourselves?…..Well when you have yourself cosy watching your favorite Film,Episode and you get that annoying Ding-Dong at the front door (possible a double glazing salesman?) So you pause your device till you get back. On return you forget what was going on?

What this Addon will do is exactly what it says on the tin it will Jumpback from Pause 5/10/20 seconds so you recap from where you left off.

So how do we Install Unpause Jumpback Kodi Addon.

Well i will show you in this blog.

Again anyone who reads my blogs i have to start off with my favorite screen shot.



Then we go to Addons.


We then need to add from repository.


Then lete go and find Kodi Add-on Repository.


Once we are in there we need to scroll to Services.


Now in there is where we find Unpause Jumpback.


Now click the Install.


You will then see that Unpause Jumpback has been enabled.


Once enabled click on Unpause Jumpback again and there we will now have the configure tab, Click that.


We now can configure how long we want to Jumpback by clicking on the Jump back on unpause tab.


Now we get the slide bar to up the second time, i have set mine to 20 seconds.


Once you have set it to your desired amount then click on OK.


Has i said i set mine to 20 seconds so just to prove i paused a Movie at 1minute 30 seconds.


I went to get myself a drink and unpaused it as true to my word it jumped back 20 seconds(i just wasnt fast enough to hit my screen shot button)


So there you go.

Give it a try, i am sure you will feel the benefit the longer your away just to give you that little recap on what you were watching and get the plot back.

Ok Guys that’s me off till next time hope you enjoyed this insight to Install Unpause Jumpback Kodi Addon.

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Till next time.

Take care.



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