Install W3NSE Kodi Addon

 Install W3NSE Kodi Addon

Install W3NSE Kodi Addon


Install W3NSE Kodi Addon

Evening guys hope all is well just a quick one after talking with Tommy earlier he told me about a new release in his repo called W3NSE. So Whats it all about?

Movies! that’s what. Not any old movies at that 720P/1080p movies! This is a great little add-on and another one worth having on your device.

Install W3NSE Kodi Addon


As you can see from picture it has a search function which is great if you are after a certain movie. Lots of the latest releases are in here and even found 3D content for those of you who have the technology to watch it.


Install W3NSE Kodi Addon


As you can see has a great selection of BOLLYWOOD MOVIES which we are asked about a lot via our twitter account.


Screenshot 2016-01-08 19.03.31


Has all latest Hollwood blockbusters too, so something for everyone.


Screenshot 2016-01-08 19.03.35


Once you select your movie choice of sources to watch it on.

So there you go a very simple and effective add-on with loads of content for you to enjoy.



Right lets get down to the nitty gritty and tell you how to get this add-on on your device.

    • Download the Entertainment Repo Zip and save to a location on your Kodi device or Android TV Box
    • Open Kodi
    • Select SYSTEM
    • Select Add-Ons
    • Select Install from zip file
    • Go to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

    The Entertainment Repo is now installed and you can browse the great addons inside.

    Or via Fusion following the method below

    Step 1. Select System.

    Step 2. Select Add-ons

    Step 3. Select Install from Zip.

    Step 4. Select Fusion.

    Step 5. Select xbmc-repos.

    Step 6. Select English.

    Step 7. Scroll down and select Entertainmentrepo.backup 1.12 zip

    Then wait for enabled notification.


    Once The new repo is installed then


    Step 8.  Select Get Add-ons.

    Step 9. Select Entertainment repo.

    Step 10. Select Video Add-ons.

    Step 11. Select W3NSE

    Step 12.  Select Install.

    Then wait for Add-on enabled.

    Step 13. Return to Home Screen and select Video Add-ons


You are now ready to enjoy this great add-on, why not follow the Dev for this add-on on Twitter HERE and look out for all his other superb addons.


Thanks guys for reading this How to Install W3NSE Kodi Addon blog until next time.



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