Install Warez Movies addon



Install Warez Movies addon

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Evening guys hope all is well just a quick one after talking with Tommy earlier he told me about a new release in his repo called Warez Movies.

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This is a great little add-on and another one worth having on your device it gets movies from the site of the same name.This is a beta release for testing so may pull up errors but that’s the point so we test it for him and report errors if any.

This add-on will grow over time and i look forward to the journey. Thanks again to Tommy the Yid and Mr Entertainment for all their hard work.


This a nice easy add-on to navigate for all ages and is packed with quality content and it is even Real Debrid compatible witch is a great bonus. Read my article on Real debrid HERE

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Think you are going to love this add-on and it will be updated with even better features over the next few weeks.



Right lets get down to the nitty gritty and tell you how to get this add-on on your device.

  • Download the Entertainment Repo Zip to a location on your Kodi device.
  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Go to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

If you have the entertainment repo already installed you can skip above and just

  • Click Settings
  • Click Addons
  • Click Get Addons
  • Scroll down and select Entertainment Repo
  • Click on Video Addons
  • Then select Warez Movies
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

You are now ready to enjoy this great add-on, why not follow the Dev for this add-on on Twitter HERE and look out for all his other superb addons.


Thanks guys for reading this blog until next time.




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