Introduction & Top Five Add-ons


Introduction & Top Five Add-ons

So glad to be given the opportunity to make a contribution on this great site i would like to take this opportunity as an Indroduction and look at my Top Five Add-ons.

With any luck you will see a few blogs from me, and some of you will join me on a journey through “Kodi-land”. I plan on creating my first Kodi build in the coming weeks and will keep you all up to date on not only “what “I’m doing but also “how I’m doing it”. Sounds a bit daunting, but I am sure we can learn a lot along the way.

This along with the normal Add-on guides, tips & tricks should keep me busy !

In the meantime, here are five of my favorite Add-ons.

Hope you enjoy.


In true X Factor fashion, “not necessarily in any particular order”.


1: Project Free TV

Introduction & Top Five Add-ons


These guys went off the scene for a short while but I am so pleased they are back, and better than ever with the slightly new name PFTV.SO

I use PFTV mainly for catching up on some American TV shows I became attached to whilst living and working out there for a while. ( I may even blog about some of these shows in the future as some of them are truly addictive)


Introduction & Top Five Add-ons



Screenshot 2015-11-27 12.10.34

Simple clear menu choices and easy to set up favourites using that menu key on your remote.


2: Sports Access


This is a paid Add-on, costing about £8 per month,that I have been subscribing to for a while now. Also having gone through an upgrade recently (and another on the way) this is a great and very reliable Sports Add-on.

Subscriptions are at times limited for first time users but I know they are open at the moment for a short while. Once you have subscribed, renewals are always available. They have a “Free” section offering a limited selection if you fancy taking a peek.

Based in the States the content can be a bit US based but it is always good quality with plenty of server options. They do cover all Premier League games. The guys are also now venturing into streaming some premium US TV channels very successfully.

Introduction & Top Five Add-ons




Screenshot 2015-11-27 12.21.03

The devs are very active on Twitter always keeping users up to date with the latest listings and are generally open to requests for streams you may be looking for.


3: Genesis



What list of favorite Add-ons would be complete without this giant!

Although there are some doubts about the future of this Add-on which you can read about in other “Best for Kodi” blogs, whilst it’s still with us, we should be making the most of it.

Without a doubt for me Genesis is my “go-to” Add-on for movies and box sets, it also provided a more than adequate back-up for my US TV show addiction when the aforementioned PFTV wasn’t up to scratch.


There is so much you can do on this huge Add-on and once again it is very easy to customise and set up you own lists, the choices are endless. Many an hour has been spent by me playing with the Add-on settings and seeing just what can be done to increase your viewing pleasure.

Introduction & Top Five Add-ons


Screenshot 2015-11-27 12.31.21


4: UK Turks


Quite a new Add-on but WOW, what an impact it has made !! Crystal clear reliable streams and always up to date information from the Dev via his great Twitter account. Why not tweet him with a request – don’t be surprised if he doesn’t already have it though !


So many great options to chose from in this Add-on, there really is something for everyone in this one. Any streaming, sports or TV addict could easily lose themselves in UK Turks selection for hours on end.

Introduction & Top Five Add-ons

5: Phoenix


Another absolute giant amongst the Add-on community and the source of infinite entertainment. TV shows, Sports, Live TV and endless archives, you cannot fail to find something you love in this great box of tricks.

To be fair this really is a family of Add-ins rather than one huge mix. Each one has its own special theme or skill.

Once again take a peek inside Phoenix then follow it up with a look on Twitter for the accounts of playlisters such as Staael2014, Rockcrusher or Blue Phoenix for up to date info and news.

rsz_screenshot_2015-11-27_125033 rsz_screenshot_2015-11-27_125049 rsz_screenshot_2015-11-27_125122


One thing, don’t ever think you will just have a quick look and see what’s inside this set-up. Before you know it, you will be hooked in for a while. One of my top tips with many Add-ons and this one especially is “keep a note-book and pen close at hand”. There will A LOT in here you want to come back to so it’s best to start making a list !!

Screenshot 2015-11-27 12.46.45

I know it’s only supposed to list 5 Add-ons but couldn’t resist one more quick one.


6: Mutts Nutts



This is Movies all the way!!

Much has already been said about this but I will echo the point made by Sparky in one of his reviews. He refers to the “Trailers” that make this Add-on unique. If you, like me sometimes are looking for some ideas of what movie to watch next, I cannot recommend anything better than a flick through the Trailers.

Screenshot 2015-11-27 13.06.00


Always in stunning quality and super fast to load, these Trailers have pulled me in too many times mention !! Highlight the movie you are interested in and if a Trailer is available, hit that menu key to bring up the options.


Have fun

Keep Dabbling


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