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Good Evening Guys Sparky here. Still getting over my teams mauling at the Lane last night. Oh boy what a gulf in class from the premier league to league 1.

I Have been on twitter quite a lot today answering questions and talking to various members of the community. I came across a tweet from a good kodi friend of mine @Oldgit9

Kodi Community

Kodi Community


Following on from a blog from our very own @Damo670 which can be read HERE Oldgit9 brings his thoughts to the table of which there are many valid points.


So any way I asked him if i could blog his points to get across to a wider audience. He agreed and here they are.


These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. If you do not like what I have to say, then go and cry in a buck somewhere. I am entitled to say what I want to say. It’s called freedom of speech.

Why is there so much shit going on at the moment within the Kodi community?


GREED plain and simple.

What I can see, you can categorise the Kodi community into 5 categories.

Cat 1:- Some people have found a niche market to exploit and to scam people out of their hard earned money.

Cat 2:- People have created an add-on from an open source material and now think that they own the rights to the open source material.

Cat 3:- Some YouTubers…making videos with very little or poor content and are secretly making money from people viewing their non-content videos. Brainwashing their subscribers that everyone else is against them, and generally misleading people.

Cat 4:- Devs that release and spend hours updating their add-ons on a daily basis for FREE. Skin builders releasing their content for FREE. Some YouTubers producing video guides and news articles for FREE. People that host web sites dedicated to Kodi news and guides for free. People that are willing to help others for just a simple “Thank you” (again FREE).

Cat 5:- the end user that is caught up in all this crap.

Now…take a long hard look of yourself, and ask the following question “Where do I stand within the Kodi community?” and compare your answer to the Category list above.

I for one, come in to category 4 and 5.

I suspect most of the honest people that use Kodi, will also fall into the same categories.

But for those that fall into categories 1 to 3, you need to re-evaluate your stance on Kodi!

You are seriously damaging the Kodi community and at the end of the day, it’s the end user that is being affected

If your views are to help the “End User”, then help them enjoy Kodi….don’t rip them off!

In the past few days/weeks/months, some people of the Kodi community have sunk to a new low.

This is all because, they have been doing what I have described in categories 1-3 and have been exposed by various people for this. Rather than manning up and admitting to what they are doing is wrong for the community.

They have made things personal….very personal. From manipulating their followers to troll these people doing the exposing.

Leaking personal information onto the internet, to even death threats!

This has to stop!


What’s to gain from this despicable act of leaking personal information and even death threats?

Other than an arrest warrant? Are these people that f****** thick!

Don’t they realise, that at anytime, Kodi could turn round and decided to close down Kodi….for good!! If things continue the way they are, it’s going to be inevitable.

Wake up people!!!…before it’s too late!!!


So there you have it, whats your thoughts? Some great points, to good not to share so thanks to the old bugger for letting me use his Rant.

Let him know your thoughts via his twitter HERE

Peace Sparky


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Kodi Community

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