Kodi Crashing Fix

Kodi Crashing Fix

Evening Guys after major issues yesterday this blog will help you fix Kodi if yours is crashing – Kodi Crashing Fix

Are You Getting Kicked Out Of Kodi? Freezing? Crashing? Fix it here.


Hi Guys hope this blog finds you all well, wow what a month for BFK the site growth has gone through the roof again, to think we only launched in October to get the site hits we are getting is beyond my expectations. This would not have been possible without all of you so Thanks again from the whole team here. You are all stars and part of our team here.

Loving the tweets we are getting for you guys to such a motivation to hear all of your positive comments and thoughts regarding the site.

We helped out a lot of people yesterday with this fix yesterday on our Twitter account but thought it maybe an idea to put on the web page as well as not all of our readers are connected to Twitter.

If you are having an issue with your Kodi crashing or freezing on updates then follow these instructions.

The word on the street is its being caused by the Universal Resolver update pushed yesterday that every time time you try to launch a stream you will get kicked or Kodi freezes, crashes or the system crashes on the update of the URL Resolver itself.


To stop your Kodi from crashing make sure you follow these steps


Turn off Internet

Load Kodi

Go to add-ons




Turn internet back on

Quickly update the urlresolver to beta 2.10.13-beta3


Kodi Crashing Fix



Hopefully this will help a few of you guys out of a pickle i know it did yesterday. Hopefully if not already the fix has been done.


Why not Bookmark our page and check in with us on daily basis to see what’s new. We appreciate every one of you that follow us or read our articles. The feedback has been amazing. So, thank you.

We really appreciate it.

Until next time Guys Enjoy

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