Kodi Icefilms 1.18 Update Released

Kodi Icefilms


Kodi Icefilms 1.18 Update Released

A little late on letting you know but The Kodi Icefilms add-on has been updated to version 1.18! Eldorado has made some great improvements to the add-on recently. This update fixes the Hugefiles resolvers.


After Icefilms blocked Kodi users from viewing content on its website, an agreement has been made and the Icefilm add-on now contains Icefilms ads before playing any stream!


Below is a recent list of the latest change logs from Icefilms from Sparky’s previous post.


Kodi Icefilms 1.17 Change Log

  • Fixed Hugefiles Resolver


Kodi Icefilms 1.17 Change Log

  • Fixed small bug with Recently Added lists
  • Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
  • Added new Upload.af resolver
  • Added indicators for hosts that Real-Debrid supports, shown by a yellow *RD next to the host name
  • Temporarily removed the main screen Recently Added, Latest Releases, Watching Now sections, don’t worry they will be back very soon


Kodi Icefilms 1.16 Change Log

  • Adjusted resume support, hopefully makes the resume more fluid
  • Added Recently Watched support, enable/disable in the addon settings
  • Added Watch Queue support, similar to Netflix, queue items to watch later, when you finish watching they are removed from the list
  • Fixed 180Upload resolver issue when the captcha is needed
  • Fixed HD and DVD tags not correctly showing

– Resume support has been tweaked a bit to hopefully make it function better, smoother when the resume kicks in.
– Recently Watched, this is one of the two big features I’ve been wanting to add for a while and is pretty self explanatory, it is enabled by default and can be disabled in the addon settings. All lists can be easily wiped out. I like this just to keep a viewing history in case I ever forget the name of a good movie I recently watched, or forget which tv show I was in the middle of watching. If there is a resume point available it will show it in square brackets hh:mm:ss – eg. [00:12:23]
– Watch Queue, 2nd feature I’ve wanted for a while, I tried to do similar to Netflix and likely still needs to be improved upon, similar to the idea of a Favourite except after watching the movie/tv episode it gets wiped off the list. You can add movies and individual episodes to the lists, if there’s a demand for it I can see about adding entire tv shows


Hopefully these changes will improve the use of the add-on for you below are a few of the previous update change logs to give you an idea of how Eldorado improved the add-on over the last few months.


October 6 Update: Kodi Icefilms 1.15 has been released and it again fixes some of the playback issues that people have been reporting. In addition, Eldorado has added resume support so that you can resume a show you started watching but stopped for whatever reason!

Kodi Icefilms 1.15 Change Log (Tuesday, 06 October 2015)
– Added resume support
– Fixed HugeFile resolver
– Fixed issue (hopefully) with occasional error (_getitem_) when loading list of sources


October 2 Update: Kodi Icefilms 1.14 has been released and your Kodi add-on should have updated itself automatically. If you noticed that Icefilms was down yesterday, there was a site issue and it has now been fixed!

Kodi Icefilms 1.14 Change Log

  • Fix to catch and bypass errors encountered with ads.


September 25th Update:

v1.13.0(Friday, 25 September 2015):
– Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
– Fixed 180Uploads resolver
– Small bug fix in tv show episodes listing


Check out the official post from El Dorado  from the TVADDONS forums.




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