Kodi Master Builder Dicko The Geordie



Kodi Master Builder Dicko The Geordie


Good Evening Guys hope all is well in your KODI world.

This blog is a feature on Dicko The Geordie. He is Kodi equivalent of a master builder for Lego. He specializes in builds and skins and i was shocked when i heard him say that he had only been using Kodi for a year and a half. So there is hope for all of us.

His attention to detail is phenomenal as you will see when we look at some of his amazing work. You can Follow him for his latest news and builds HERE on his twitter account and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE where you can watch more excellent videos of his work.

The first build we are going to look at is the WWE Network Build, this is ideal for anyone who has access to the WWE network app as it links to it and improves the overall experience combining it with your Kodi.

As you can see the art work is stunning and the use of the correct fonts adds to the great look. The working symbol from Kodi replaced by a spinning belt and the video controls made to look like the Windows 10 WWE network app. Like i said this lads attention to detail is second to none.

image1 [476858] image2 [476859]
image3 [476861]image5 [476865]

image4 [476863]
image7 [476870]image6 [476868]image8 [476872] image9 [476874]


Watch the build video HERE

The second build we are highlighting is The Simpsons Build which i have installed on my sons device in his bedroom he loves it, especially the spinning Donut that replaces the working icon when loading a stream or movie.

image1 [486809]


image2 [486810]


image3 [486812]


image4 [486814]


image5 [486816]



image6 [486818]

Watch the build Video HERE


The Grand Theft Auto Build

The last of his builds that i am going to highlight on the blog tonight is my personal Favorite and i personally think its the best build i have ever seen. It is his very latest build  The Grand Theft Auto Build.

image1 [489565]



image2 [489566]



image3 [489571]



image4 [489573]



image5 [489575]



image6 [489577]

Watch the build Video HERE


Dicko has other builds available including an excellent Premier League and Bond Build so head over to his YouTube channel to check them out.


By now you are probably thinking the same as me “Right where can i get these?”

The Community Portal is the answer. What is the community Portal ? it is today’s total installer for Kodi/XBMC that also brings a new feature adding Builds to the mix.

Where and how can i get access to the Portal?

NoobsAndNerds Registration Link:


Community Portal Repository Source Link (enter this into file manager)

Enjoy Guys





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