Kodi Stopped working Error Fix in Kodi

Kodi Stopped working Error Fix in Kodi


Good Evening BFKers.

This Guide will be short,sharp and straight to the point.

This is for the likes of people who are getting and “KODI HAS STOPPED WORKING” Error.

Its a straight forward Fix and i will run through on how to solve the problem.

I do believe that this is directed mainly on Android 6.0 but if it is happening on any other device that isnt running 6.0 then go ahead and try this FIX.

Basically what is happening is when your watching a Movie/Series Or anything  really when you hit the stop button from the player section then it Crashes.

And then you have to re-start kodi and start again.

This blog will hopefully solve the issue for you.

OK lets go.

Firstly when your Kodi is open.

We need my Favorite place SYSTEM.


Then if we goto Video.


The first this is if you haven’t already is change the “Basic” settings level option to Anything ABOVE “Advanced”.

All you have to do is HighLight it and Click it till you see Advanced.


Like below.


Then if we go to Acceleration.


Then on the right we will see all are options.

On a fresh install i do believe that the 3 Options that we need will be all Ticked.

Its the Allow hardware acceleration – amcodec that WE need to De-select.

Kodi Stopped working Error Fix in Kodi

Like so.


Now we can go off and try the FIX.

If it has worked then thats all well and good.

But i  have heard that sometimes this isnt the case so therefore we need to De-select the bottom option.

Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec.

Kodi Stopped working Error Fix in Kodi

Like so.

Hopefully this has solved your issue with the KODI HAS STOPPED problem.

Till next time Be good and have your selves a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From all or us at Best Of Kodi

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