Latest News and Statement BFK

Latest News and Statement BFK


 This blog covers the Latest News and Statement BFK, i take a look at a few issues that are bugging me at the moment and would be grateful of your feedback on going forward in the future.


Hi Guys welcome to my latest blog hope this blog finds you well.

Sorry about the lack of blogs from me of late have taken some much needed time away from the scene. There is far to much drama going on of late and i wanted to take a backwards step and gather thoughts on going forward. To say that i have become disillusioned is an under statement.  Its also been great to spend some much needed time with the family.

I have made the decision to pull my addon Sparky’s Highlights for good.

I have also shelved a couple of other addon projects that i have been working on. I will no longer be updating Sparky’s so if you have it taking up space on your system then now is the time to delete it off. I would like to thank all of the readers that used it over the last year and all the positive comments regarding it via my twitter account. I enjoy talking to all my followers

As some of you maybe aware we run this site as a non profit any revenue from ads or affiliation is pumped back in for running of the site or used for competition prizes. The team on here give up their precious time for FREE. This as a big thank you to the community that once helped us for free when we started out.  So I have a big issue with certain YouTuber’s profiteering from my work and other devs work without putting any money back to the community. A lot of the devs give up their time for free or take donations for their supported charities of which none of these see any money from these YouTuber’s.

A very good friend and addon developer MetalKettle has also recently made a decision and request for all Blog sites like ours and YouTubers to not blog or do video’s on his new addons. We have to respect that decision even though it upsets me greatly that it has come to this. So i would suggest you give him a follow on his twitter page to keep up to date on his latest developments.

We will not be blogging any of his addons in the future.

Sites or Youtubers that have done so on his new addon last week have gone against his wishes and this is whats wrong with the community at the moment. #No Respect.

Metal’s decision does however make me question the future of this site as if all Dev’s decide on a similar stance then there would be no need for us. 🙁

What are your thoughts on this? Drop us a tweet or a facebook message. What would you like to see from this site? Whats our future? 



Facebook 2

If the future going forward does involve us we are still looking for more blog writers to help the team unfortunately we can not reward you with cash for your time but just the love of our community and the reward of helping others and giving something back to the community.

So if you are interested drop us a tweet to have a chat.

On a positive note the site is continuing to grow and i am still amazed with our viewing figures so thanks to all of you that continues to support us.

Many Thanks and take care Sparky



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