Latest News cCloud – Can you help?

Latest News cCloud - Can you help?


 Latest News cCloud – Can you help?

As you must be aware cCloud is back! and its bigger than ever packed with over 1000 channels and the latest update makes it even better. as you can see from below it should be version 1.3.8 from time of writing this blog.

I was contacted today by the dev of cCloud Bane asking me to put out this message to the community so here goes.


Introducing project cCloud CHC(Community Helping Community)IPTV! Reality is everyone wants free IPTV service but they are not aware of how these free IPTV services works.

CHC project is the IPTV 101 and DIY for normal users and it is the only permanent solution for everyone to have free stable IPTV service for life.

We all want free to keep it free and stable we all have to unite as community. join the CHC movement by simply going to

What is it? It is similar system to traditional Peer to Peer network however it is depending on the community to share media links over the cloud system that can be found anywhere on the web.

What does CHC requires? Well not much but sparing time for the channels that you want to watch. Is there any restrictions on uploading? Nope not all, you can upload any type of media link to share with community long as the media has correct category.

Who can join? Anyone can join, there are no signups.

Everything is open source for anyone to help out.

Is CHC complicated system? We have tried to make everything simple as possible where even kids can help out after reading the documentation on how it all works. It is more of DIY(do it yourself) IPTV service which will depend on the community members just like you.

How does it work? Just copy and paste link for your favorite channel over the cloud system whenever you have free time with community yup it’s that simple.

What is the purpose for this project? Uniting the community to build an free stable IPTV service for everyone for long term.




Latest News cCloud - Can you help?



So if you want to help this great project then get in touch with the guys and become part of the team.




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