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Like Best for Kodi on FaceBook


Like Best for Kodi on FaceBook. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. Well … It has been done. Best for Kodi now have there own page on FaceBook. Our debut on the Book of Faces is here!


With over 22,000 followers on Twitter we thought it was about time that we showed that Zuckerberg bloke some love by having our own page on FaceBook.

In all seriousness this is something that a lot of you have requested on Twitter to make it easier to share the articles we do and spread the love to fellow FaceBookians.

So, we would really appreciate it if you could spread the love to start with by simply liking our page by clicking below.


To like Best for Kodi on FaceBook. Click below:

Like Best for Kodi on FaceBook


Please bear with us in the pages infancy stage while it gets set up and all that jazz, but in the meantime if you could like the page so we can see we aren’t just talking to ourselves that would be grand.

If you have liked our page, we would appreciate it if you could share the posts. By sharing the posts you help new users to Kodi and it puts less pressure on the developers, play list makers and such who have to deal with the same endless questions, over and over again.

Please remember though it is not a FaceBook group or a community hangout, so it will not be manned 24/7.

We cannot answer each of you indivually. There is now no excuse to have the information you need. All the information will be held on this website. You now use FaceBook, Twitter and the search function on this website. The FaceBook page is merely to help those that have requested spread the posts easier on FaceBook.


Thanks very muchly

We love you all! Honest!


Like Best for Kodi on FaceBook.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg smiles at a news conference in San Francisco in this Sept. 22, 2011 photo. Zuckerberg turns 28 on Monday, May 14, 2012. He's considerably younger than the average FORTUNE 500 CEO, of course. But while some investors worry that Zuckerberg is too young to lead Facebook as a public company, experts point out that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell were in their 20s when their companies had IPOs.