LolliPop Hidden Game – Bonus Feature


For those who dont know theres always an hidden extra within the Android System.  Well the Lollipop Hidden Game is a variation of a popular well known game and boy is it difficult.


What is it?

Where is it?

Where do i find it?


Well the Lollipop Hidden Game can be found with in the system its self.

Along with all the other Versions of Android Jellybean/KitKat etc.


Its the same principle on how to get there and find it.

Well the first place to go to is your Settings on your Android System.




Once you click on that you will have various options.

But what we need to find Lollipop Game Hidden extra in Kodi is go to  About tablet/Box.




Once you click on that you will be confronted with what your Tablet/Box is all about.


We want the Build of your Tablet/Box.




This 5.0 and Up wards is the Lollipop Version.


Below this in descending order the versions were.



Jelly Bean.

Ice Cream Sandwich.







Anyway i diversified.


Click on your build 3/4 times continuously till the Lollipop screen comes up.


Lollipop Hidden Game


Once that comes up if you Long press with in the Lollipop you should enter the game?.


Lollipop Hidden Game


As you can see from the top left hand corner.?

I am crap lol It took me two hours to get that far.


I was gonna PS it but i am a honest guy.

Anyway this was a blog that is not the norm for BFK but i thought i would throw it in anyway.

For those of you who find this and Play the game,…. You will be there hours.


Hope you’re not because you will be missing out on Fantastic blogs on all the latest news that’s going on in the Kodi World from BFK.


Anyway thats me done and dusted till next time.

Be good and take care.


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