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If you’ve ever wondered how to manually update kodi you have on your system then this blog is for you. We also get messages from people saying that have struggled to get certain updating adds to work for them and wanted to know how it could be done manually, so here is the guide.


It’s been a while since my last blog as I’ve had a pretty busy time recently so I’m glad to be back.


I am using a T8-AML-V3 Android box in this example, if you have a different system, the basic process shown is the same but please make sure when it comes to downloading the latest version of kodi that you chose the right one for your system.


I am currently running Kodi version Isengard 15.2 and in this example I will update to Jarvis 16.0. PLEASE NOTE, currently Isengard 15.2 is in my opinion probably the most stable version of Kodi at the moment and whereas there are certainly some big improvements in Jarvis 16.0 I would not personally recommend that you use use it just yet unless you are confident.


If you are running versions of Kodi previous to Isengard 15.2 then I would highly recommend that you use the following guide to install Isengard 15.2.


OK, here we go.

If your’e unsure how to check what version of Kodi you are using , there are several ways to check. An easy way is to go to SYSTEM and click on SYSTEM INFO.


You will see the Kodi version at the bottom of the screen.



Right, let’s go to our home screen and click on Apps.

Manually Update Kodi


Open up File Manager HD



Click on Android



Then Data



You will see a file called org.xbmc.kodi. We need to rename this file. If you highlight the file and then hold OK or Enter it will open up the menu where we can select Rename.



Here you can see I have just added AAA in fron of the file name. Its a good idea to not change it too much as we have to change it back later in the process so we don’t want to forget the original name!



The file now has its new name


With that done go back to your home screen and select Setting



Then Other, Then More Settings


Now scroll down and click on Apps



Scroll down and click on Kodi



You will see here on the top left of the screen your current Kodi Version installed.



Click on Uninstall and wave “bye-bye” to that version by clicking OK

Manually Update Kodi


Now go back you your home screen and open your Internet Browser. Navigate to where you wish to download your new version of Kodi from. We recommend either Kodi.TV or our friends over at Entertainment Box. Click on the links below to take you to the one of your choice. I will use the Downloads section at


Kodi.TV Link
Entertainment Box Link


Manually Update Kodi


Scroll down to select the correct operating system (Android in my case) and then the version of Kodi you wish to download (Jarvis 16.0 in my case). Click on it and allow it to download.




Once done, go back to your home screen Apps and File Manager, then navigate to your downloads folder. You can normally see this if you click on the Home iocon at the top of the screen.


Manually Update Kodi


Here you can see the downloaded file at the top of my list.



Select the file and click on Install

Manually Update Kodi


Wait for it to Install, this can take a few minutes, when it’s done, click on Done.


Now, using your File Manager , navigate back to Android/Data and lets change the name of that file we re-maned earlier back to its original name org.xbmc.kodi


The reason we have Renamed this file and then changed it back again is simple. When we Uninstalled Kodi we would have lost this file and it contains all of your current set up and build data. By Renaming it, when we Uninstall Kodi it will remain on our system. Now we must change it back to its original name BEFORE starting the new version of Kodi to retain all of our data.


Manually Update Kodi


Now when you open up Kodi you will be running the version you just installed (Jarvis 16.0 in my case) and you will have your settings / build

Manually Update Kodi


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