Master Lock in Kodi

Master Lock in Kodi



Install a Master Lock in Kodi. What will this do if installed? Installing a Master Lock in Kodi will stop all them people who have access to your system/box Messing about with all them Personalized setting that have taken you hours to implement.


Ok lets get going.


For all of you who read my blogs you will know by now that 9 out of 10 they always start with,


Settings or System,…And there it is lol.

Master Lock in Kodi


Then you need to go to System in the options that run vertically on the left.



Then scroll down and make sure your settings are set to Advanced at the bottom on the left.


Change the settings just by clicking on it.



Once you have changed to Advanced you need to click on.


Master Lock.



Once you click that you will be presented with an Option tab.


Click on Master Lock code and Settings.



There Click Master Lock to Enable.



Then Click on Numerical Password.

Master Lock in Kodi


There you will be asked to enter a Numerical Password.



Then you will be asked to re-enter to confirm your Numerical Password.

Once you have confirmed the Password then you will get options on what you want to have have as a secure option.

The options below are my options to stop them PESKY fingers messing about with all my setting i have spent hours personalizing.


Once you have made your choices then just click OK.

Master Lock in Kodi


Then what will happen is that when People/Friends/Sons/Daughters etc enter any of the above checked,then they will have to enter the numerical password that you applied in the beginning of this blog.


Thats it folks,Hope this has helped some of you out there to keep your box under control.


Till next time Have fun and stay safe.


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Till next time.




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