Menu Bar font colour – How to change it

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Menu Bar font colour – How to change it

Ever wondered How to change your menu bar font colour?

Sick of looking at the default colour?

Well this could be right up your street.

Once you get the hang of it you could have your menu bar looking like a Rainbow.

As i have mentioned in a few of my other blogs Aeon Nox 5 is the skin you need as it has more options for change in kodi.


So here we go.


As normal open up your Kodi

We have to go to SYSTEM/SETTINGS

Then Appearances.

menu bar font colour


menu bar font colour

Setup the Aeon Nox main menu.

menu bar font colour

Just for the purpose of this blog i will use the Music Menu Click on Edit Label.

menu bar font colour

Next you will be presented with a dialogue box.

menu bar font colour

Now the easiest way to change the font color would be to enter this.


And then click Done.

menu bar font colour

Once you have clicked Done you will notice that your font color has changed.

menu bar font colour

And just to prove its on the main menu bar.

Lets have a look?

menu bar font colour

So there you have it.

Have fun playing about with the different colors for your main menu.

Dont forget to tune in for more blogs as there are always something for everyone.







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