Move the Menu bar in Aeon Nox

Move the Menu bar in Aeon Nox

Move the Menu bar in Aeon Nox

Just a simple blog for those who are Dabbling into the Custom builds area and are starting from scratch.

Aeon Nox is the skin with all the BASIC options for you to play around with in your build.

Once you install it you will notice that the menu bar is smack bang right in the middle of your screen which covers your backgrounds (not good).

So here is a Basic guide to move the Menu Bar from middle to Bottom.

Ok presuming you have Aeon Nox installed (If not in my next blog i will show you how install Aeon nox and run on your Kodi).

Open Kodi.

There you will have something that resembles this.


As you can see from the screenshot above the menu bar is in the middle of the scree that obscures the look of your back ground.

This is simple to rectify.

Scroll to SYSTEM.


Then we need to go to APPEARANCES


Then we have to Highlight SKIN then move over to the right and click on SETTINGS.


Then you will see an option for  Aeon Nox main menu Horizontal position which will be set at Default Click in and change to Low.


Go back to your main screeen and have a look now you should see it has moved from middle to bottom.


Giving you 3/4 of the screen to see your custom Backgrounds.

Hope someone benefits from this blog and i hope to post more simple guides on giving your Kodi that little bit of a special touch that you yourself have created.

You can get Custom Backgrounds from HERE

You can get How to add short cuts from HERE

I will advance on the Custom back grounds in future blogs.

Till next time enjoy and Have fun.



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