Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi

Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi

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Here today i am going to show you how to “Increase” OR “Decrease” the time (seconds) it takes to change the backgrounds from one to the next when you use the Multi Image option when settings your background.

Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi

As we know we have the option in Kodi to have Multi image background,and i have covered a few builds who use this option and is very effective,But just recently i was asked How do i Decrease the second count on the images changing from one to the next. So for anyone that doesnt know or has ever wonder how to then here is a short tuturial on how to do that very thing.

I will show you on My PC and Kodi 17.3, If you have followed BFK’s Skinning help tutorials then you should no by now that i only use PC, Notepad++ Photoshop and the Texture tool for any modifications i do with in the Kodi xml files

This is a really easy process to achieve and all we need for this one is Notepad++

So you have set all your multi backgrounds and your sat there looking?, But your thinking 1 there to slow OR 2 there to fast at flipping from one to another?

Here we go.

Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi

I an using Aeon nox for this so first of all we need to go to our Aeon nox folder and locate our 1080i folder.

For windows it will be c:/users/user name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/addons/Skin Aeon nox/1080i

For android you will locate this folder here  File Manager/Device/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/skin aeon nox/1080i

Once you are in that folder you will see a bunch of .xml files.

we will be looking for the Default.xml.

Then once we open that file up in Notepad++ we will see the line we need to change


The higher the value the longer 1 image will stay on the screen.

So change as you need

There you have it How easy was that?

Till next time be good and take care.

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Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi

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Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi


Multi Image Background time delay in Kodi






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