My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

This Blog Takes a look at My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016, often asked what my 5 addons would be if i was only allowed to have 5 addons on a device.This is so hard, Well here you go after hours of thought i have finally written them down.


Hi Guys welcome to my latest blog hope this blog finds you well.

Sorry about the lack of blogs from me of late have taken some much needed time away from the scene. There is far to much drama going on of late and i wanted to take a backwards step and gather thoughts on going forward. Its also been great to spend time with the family.  I have made the decision to pull my addon Sparky’s Highlights for good. I have also Shelved a couple of other addon projects that i have been working on. I will no longer be updating Sparky’s so if you have it taking up space on your system then now is the time to delete it off. I would like to thank all of the readers that used it over the last year and all the positive comments regarding it via my twitter account.

As some of you maybe aware we run this site as a non profit any revenue from ads or affiliation is pumped back in for running of the site or used for competition prizes. The team on here give up their precious time for FREE. This as a big thank you to the community that once helped us for free when we started out.  So I have a big issue with certain YouTuber’s profiteering from my work and other devs work without putting any money back to the community. A lot of the devs give up their time for free or take donations for their supported charities of which none of these see any money from these YouTuber’s.

A very good friend and addon developer MetalKettle has also recently made a decision and request for all Blog sites like ours and YouTubers to not blog or do video’s on his new addons. We have to respect that decision even though it upsets me greatly that it has come to this. So i would suggest you give him a follow on his twitter page to keep up to date on his latest developments. Sites or Youtubers that have done so on his new addon last week have gone against his wishes and this is whats wrong with the community at the moment. #No Respect. Metal’s decision does however make me question the future of this site as if all Dev’s decide on a similar stance then there would be no need for us. 🙁

What are your thoughts on this? Drop us a tweet or a facebook message. What would you like to see from this site? Whats our future? 

Right sorry for the rant back to the job in hand was going to do a quick blog on My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016. These are the FREE addons i would have on my device if i was only allowed to have 5 . Yes this is very hard hard to narrow down to just 5 as we have an amazing selection of addons available to us. This is my personal opinion and hopefully has a balance of content for all.


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Exodus is the new multi scraper add-on by Lambda the same Dev that brought you Genesis it brings you the latest Movies and Tv Shows to your device with the click of a few buttons.

How did Exodus Come about? Read our previous blogs on RIP Genesis HERE and our blog on the Genesis Fork Specto HERE

This addon won our Addon of the Month award voted for by our readers for February and March.

This is the add-on he built to replace Genesis.

Library integration is not supported but the following are:-


  • Trakt Integration
  • IMDB
  • Ororo TV
  • Real Debrid
  • Premiumize
  • All Debrid
  • RPNet


Install Exodus Addon Kodi Genesis Kodi replacement


If yours doesn’t look like above as had quite a few say that ensure the Exodus Artwork addon has also installed you can grab that in same repo under program addons. I have noticed it doe’s always install from addon Installer for some reason.

This addon is my personal favourite and would not be without it. We will have a quick look at the addon below.


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Tv Shows

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


Great feature Networks. so if you like a particular channel you can select it and the addon groups all the hit shows for that channel in one place like below when i have selected Sky 1.


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


One of my favourite sections as it lists all the movies currently on Sky Movies so you can watch them on demand. Great little feature.

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


This addon works better with a premium account added the one i find the best value for money is Real Debrid you can read all about what Real Debrid is and how it benefits you in Kodi by reading this quick blog I produced a while back HERE or click link to sign up below. Also alot of the RD Sources uses the new format HEVC which is high quality video but compressed so takes less bandwidth.

Screens below show you example with Debrid added. So you can compare the sources to your setup

I have just searched on Fear of the Walking Dead Season 2 as an example.

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Amazing results, this addon is a must have on any device.

To get the very best out of this addon please consider setting up a Trakt account which is free but it enhances your viewing 100 fold. For those of you that dont know what Trakt is all about? is a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. It integrates with your media center or home theater PC to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic. Some people like to check in from their phone, so we enable that too. Discover new shows and movies, follow people with similar tastes and voice your opinion on by using the website or one of the many community apps that were built using our API.

it can easily be setup with Exodus my going into the addon settings CLICK on Authorization under Trakt heading and follow the very simple steps (the blog below will help as similar process)

Read our blog on how to integrate with Salts as well  HERE

We also covered an app which you can install on your phone for Trackt that blog can be read HERE this is also great using with Exodus

If you don’t have this addon installed on your device then where have you been? Follow our install guide HERE



My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

After the loss of a few team members earlier on in the year, some of us were thinking is this the end of Phoenix? Well how wrong where we. The Phoenix team have gone from strength to strength and the new is amazing version 3.0.4 at time of writing.

This addon won our Addon of the Month award voted for by our readers for January.

We fully expect this to be the start. So expect the addon to get even more awesome than it is as content gets added and updated on a regular basis. These guys and gals never stop!


So let’s take you through Phoenix Version 3.0.4


There are now three new sections:

Phoenix TV

Phoenix Sports

Phoenix New Releases

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


install Phoenix Kodi addon


So, let’s take a look at the three new sections:


Phoenix TV.

Inside Phoenix TV, you will see Sports, Events, Entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Music, Radio and News.

If you sign up to a USTVNow account here. You can then add your USTVNow account details into the Phoenix settings to improve the channels on ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9 on a free account.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


If we look inside Sports for example. You can see there are some quality links for your favourite sporting channels. This is also linked to the same section within the Live TV section of the newPhoenix Sports section.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Inside Events it gives you links to the sporting events happening at the time, so the big basketball, football game etc. As well as links to the live sporting channels and NHL. VC Events will have the live sporting links previously found in the Valhalla section IE- Premier League Pass etc for 3 0’clock Kick Offs. One Events will have even more live sporting links.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Inside Entertainment. We get a wealth of live channels from the UK and US.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


Inside TV Shows you get 24/7 loops of top shows, just pick your favourite and you are ready to go!

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


Inside Movies it gives you links to various Movie channels. As with some channels you will have to do a captcha which will help the bots from auto scraping the links. Once you’ve entered the right pictures though you will be straight on the channel.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


The Kids section is the same deal and again after captcha you will be straight in.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Within the Phoenix TV as well there are links for Music channels, News and Radio to round up a great section of IPTV goodness.


Phoenix Sports takes you to the same place as Events from within Phoenix TV. Just in its own section. So as we said above this would be your place for live sporting channels, events and NHLetc.


As if Phoenix as a whole wasn’t stacked enough with Movies. Phoenix New Releases is another place for new Movie Releases. So if Phoenix don’t hit you with the left, they get you with the right!

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


What can i say amazing stuff guys you never stop amazing us.

From the ashes the Phoenix always rises!!!!! Make sure you Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

So, normally that would be enough for an addon but that’s just the new stuff in version 3.0 and above. What makes Phoenix great is it just more than an addon, it like like a family of addons all living in one great house.

We won’t say who cooks the dinner and makes the beds but we will look at the other playlists within Phoenix that make it such a great addon.


Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

install Phoenix Kodi addon

Crusader88: This gives us excellent lists of worldwide channels, just about any countries channels are listed in here.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


Her Place: From the marvelous dev Blue Phoenix we get an array of sections. Always a good spot to find some quality viewing especially for the ladies. We cannot say how many times this section has been the first port of call when Kodi is fired up.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


One242415: This really is a superb place to find Movies from just about any Genre, the lists go on and on. Honestly we would run out of room if we posted a screenshot for every piece of content lol. If you like Westerns – no problem. Wrestling – no problem. Classic TV – no problem. We think you get the picture.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


TNPB: More Movies and TV Shows. A really good section in here for Stand Up comedy, Kids, Documentaries and more.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


Valhalla: Superb HD Movies all ready for you and of course the kids. Again, with so many lists within Phoenix. This is always one of our go to places for movies as we never seem to have a problem with any of the links or quality.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


With a new Actors section where you can search for movies by a particular actor. Very handy if you fancy an all night session with Denzel Washington. Good Old Denzel.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon



Cartoon Crazy: This has a superb selection of current cartoons, classics and anime, which you can search for or has been broken down into categories.

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon

Install the Phoenix Kodi Addon


Honestly, we could go on and on with what’s inside the new and improved Phoenix but you’ve read enough and we don’t have the time!

Suffice to say, if you don’t have Phoenix installed … Why not. It’s a great one stop shop addon. Follow our install guide HERE


All of these sections are always updated and the devs have Twitter accounts (listed below with links) where they keep us up to date with all the latest news and updates . Why not drop them a tweet to let them know how much you appreciate the superb work they do for us all.

@BluephoenixnowHer Place
@Valhallastreams – Valhalla
@crus88_mashup Crusader88
@TheBlazetamerNews and Updates


Music Box

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


Musicbox is the best music addon in kodi in my eyes have been using since its release 2 years ago. If you like Music this addon has it all.

Music Box is my number 1 addon in Kodi it has nothing to do with Tv, Movies or Sports mine is a Music add-on. Not any old music add-on but the best music add-on Kodi. I use this addon all the time. You have to get this addon device today or you are missing out big time.

Music box is superb all you have to do is sign up to a free account at VK.COM enter your details into the add-on settings and away you go. Its basically like a free Spotify Premium. 


Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 2


It links to Digster, 8Tracks and a few other of the big music sites for its content.

It has loads of features as you can see by the above photo but my personal favorite is the ITunes Chart by Country which lists all the albums currently in the chart all ready for you to play instantly.


Best Kodi Addons 2016 part 2


It also have a great Movie soundtrack section as well if that’s the type of Music that you are into. It has all the latest Blockbuster soundtracks for you to enjoy under the What Song section of the addon.


Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.06.36



Screenshot 2016-04-09 06.06.08


This addon also allows you to download content to device or connected Network drive which is a handy feature. I use this addon on a daily basis as always have to have background music on whilst working.

If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE


Zem Tv

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Zem TV. It is a add-on in Kodi which has Indian, Pakistani and Punjabi channels but it also has links to live English sports channels and in my eyes is the best Free Sports addon available at the moment. It has so much content that it scrapes from various websites. Its always my first port of call for Sports.

The quality of the links are quite decent as you can see from my screenshots below:-

This add-on has decent streams from Sky Sports, Astro Sports, BT Sports & more.

My Favourite sections to check are:

Sports – IP Box sports (this section you will need F4M tester addon also installed. This is found in same repo as Zem tv)

Sports – UniTV

Sports – Paktv Sports

Sports  – Sports365 live

Sports – UkTvNow


Watch Premier League and Live Sports Kodi Addons

Screenshot 2015-11-26 16.58.41


My favourite Sports Channels Astro Supersport 1 -3 are available in great 720p quality.


Screenshot 2015-11-26 16.58.52


Bt Sports are in SD quailty 480p/576p and are very watchable.


Screenshot 2015-11-26 16.59.47


More great Channels


Screenshot 2015-11-26 17.02.13


Decent Sky Sports News


Screenshot 2015-11-26 17.03.05


Also check out the other sections of this addon as its packed with loads of little hidden Gems. This is my favourite free sports addon at the moment.

There’s plenty of cricket channels ie:- Willow Hd also available in this add-on

To install this amazing addon for Sports to your device follow this guide HERE


UK Turk

My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Still one of my Favourite Kodi addons and a must have on anyone’s device. This addon has something for everyone and even has a password protected XXX section. The addon is set out great in sections as below.

Eddie does a great job of keeping this addon upto date he is a one man machine if you are new to the kodi scene you have to install this addon to your device today.

I love all the retro Tv and spend alot of time watching shows from Yester Year and the amazing Documentary section.

My Top 5 Current Best Kodi Addons


It Includes a great Sports section for live match links


Screenshot 2016-02-19 16.17.16


Concerts and Fitness Sections


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


Great Stand Up Comedy section


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016

Great kids section full of cartoons.


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


Movie section is packed with old and new movies.


My Top 5 Current Best Kodi Addons


Even has a live cctv section


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


So you can watch how the other half live including this amazing beach.


My 5 Must Have Kodi addons April 2016


Not Installed it yet? Then follow our simple install guide HERE


So that’s it for today guys hope you have enjoyed reading my Top 5 addons currently, why not drop me a tweet and tell me what your Top 5 are!! HERE

Well guys until next time happy viewing i hope you enjoyed reading this blog all the best Sparky.





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