New Look Wookie Coming Soon

New Look Wookie Coming Soon

New Look Wookie Coming Soon

Good evening Guys hope you are all well i have some exclusive news and photos for you on the impending new look Wookie builds. Yes i am excited as these look amazing!

First I would like to thank the team over there for this exclusive story and the continued support that have given our site since it launched 4 weeks ago. They are great bunch of lads and if you have never used the Wookie builds before you sure are missing out. I have not been given a date or time of release just that they will be available very very soon.

The Wookie wizard is available from or via file manager in Kodi by following this guide HERE

The guys have told me they have been working tirelessly to get this new clean build out to you whilst giving their legendary 24/7 support on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I don’t think these guys ever sleep! either that or their is an army of the hairy beasts.

They have also told me that to celebrate the launch of these impending new builds they are going to be running a couple of competitions on there twitter and facebook pages so click the green links above follow and join and get involved. Maybe just maybe you will be one of the lucky winners!

Right Sparky less jabber and lets get onto showing you around the two new look builds

First off is the new look retro build which is built on CCM skin here’s what the Wookies had to say about it.

We believe that Kodi has become over complicated as of late, so we thought why not make it easier again. We have created a build that offers easier access to all the links you want. The Wookie Wizard is simple to install and incredibly easy to use.


The Retro Build 

New Look Wookie Coming Soon


The Movie section has a great selection of the very best addons available in Kodi you will always find what you are looking for here.




The sports section does not disappoint all the top players here and chuffed to see my very own addon sitting among such powerhouses in the sporting world of Kodi.




Uk Turk add-on has finally got it own section in the build well deserved as this is a superb addon.




The IPTV section has the latest Dexter addon and cCloud with over 1600 live channels.




The Wookies are trying to tell us something here? with the introduction of a fitness section just in time for Christmas lol.




Zeus makes a return to the build it has been very stable for the last two weeks since its return under new Devs.




The new look Music section looks great as well but no MusicBox guys whats going on? Dont panic its there in build just not on front screen.




E Hub still has its own section and so it should one of the best addons out there packed with content.








Phoenix still has its own section and its great to see Woody back pride of place.



The new Kids section looks impressive should keep the little ones entertained for a while.


Overall this Retro build is great and very easy to navigate with some great looking backgrounds.

The New look Build

Wow what can i say very crisp and clean with great images again and a lot of hours have been put into this, also was chuffed that the guys said they use our site for latest addons and what to install.



Like the retro build has all the big players have been very impressed with More Power and Hulubox since there release.




The Phoenix section is the pretty much the same as in the retro version.




Sports section has the big hitters so you should be ok come match day or race day.




The New look also see’s the return of Zeus which is a very welcome return in my eyes.




Live Tv section has you covered with some of the best iptv addons available.




Reborn gets its own section in The new New Look this is a brilliant addition to the build.




Fitness section makes its debut in the new look build also they are definelty trying to tell us something.




The new look kids section looks smart with some great new addons for the younger kids.




Another new section to hit the build is VOD or Video on demand chuffed to see my add-on sitting bang in the center for you to catch up on your missed footy action.




The Tv Guide has been updated as well it no longer uses Ivue it has Renegades Guide which in my eyes is better so well done there.




Hmm the new services section what can i say about her? i mean the section has all your maintenance tools to keep device running well.




UK Turk has his own section in this build too.




The new look Music section looks great and i love this image probably my favorite out of them all.




Money Sports gets its own section as well complete with the growling Suarez either that or he fancies a nibble on Oscars ear lol.




Movie Hut the brand new addon from MetalKettle gets its own section this addon is brilliant has one of the biggest movie databases i have seen in an add-on.




Very nice Shutdown menu.




The system menu looks great even has a picture of the inside of my little run around.




So there you go guys there’s you little exclusive pre release look around the new Wookie builds i think i am right in saying they look amazing, the team have done an exceptional job and the great thing about the wookie is they always keep their builds up to date and fresh.


Also guys don’t forget the Wookie Wizard also has an amazing community builds section if the above builds are not for you, or if you are a builder and what to showcase your work to the 40000 wookie wizard users.

These builds, as the name suggests, are custom builds made mainly by members of the Wookie Community. These builds vary from the likes of Football team themed builds, Kids builds, Firestick builds, Rock music builds and just about everything in between. In this post I will explain how to install one of these “Community Builds” onto the device of your choice. These builds MUST be Installed onto a blank version of Kodi so please remember to “Clear Data” or run a “Fresh Start” beforehand.


So don’t forget to follow them on their pages and enter their competitions when they launch them later today you could be a winner.


All the best.




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