New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2

New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2


Welcome to Ezz’s second blog on New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2 , this blog will show you how to move and re size the menu bar , move the Rss Feed and achieve a professional build look to your very own build on your device.


Welcome back to the second part of New Menu Bar in Kodi.

For those of you new to BFK who may not know me I am part of team here at BFK i have written lots of blogs on the Kodi basics which i hope have helped out thousands of you get to grips with Kodi.

Big thanks to Sparky for allowing me to continue to blog on this amazing site of which we all do for free in our spare time so be sure to follow us on twitter and login and check the site on a daily basis.

Be sure to check out the companies that advertise on this site they are all hand picked and deliver great service. This generates some cash for the site to be able to continue and cover server cost etc.

Anyway myself and Damo are going to bring you these blogs via BFK to show you how simple it is to pimp up your own Kodi Build. So here is my second blog in this new section.


New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2

Where was i…..Just a brief recap from Part 1.

We have the tools and we made a .xbt file we changed some text in a .xml file and we changed a .png file

If you are reading this and are wondering where Part 1 is you can get it HERE

Right onward and upwards.

In this blog we are going to move/resize it to where you want to see the Menu Bar on your screen.

This was the way we left our build from part 1.

New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2

As you can see from the above screen shot the menu bar is placed in the middle of the screen and the RSS Feed is scrolling along the bottom. And the Text is all over the show.

For my blog i am going to move the menu bar to the Bottom and the RSS Feed to the top

So lets start.

Yes you guessed it lets go to SYSTEM

New Menu Bar in Kodi Part 2



Then setting under Skin.


These are set by Default on every new install of Kodi.


These are the settings for my build but you can choose what ever you like.

The menu bar is set to “LOW“.

And i have changed “Menu Layout” FROM 5 to 3.


So that is really it for in settings for now.

Lets see what we have.


Home XML


As you can see the changes have been made but it still looks all over the shop.

We can tune it up a little by going into the home.xml file we went to in Part 1.

Revert to Part 1 for the Path.

In part 1 i mentioned that we will be using Task Manager for this part we will be using it a few time.

Why? – Because every time you make a change in any .xml file you need to close Kod for the file change.

For Android it the double envelope as i call it from swiping up from the bottom.

Ok lets get the Home.xml file open.

This is the section we will be concentrating on.




I am going to change  the <top> and the <height> Values in Notepad++

The <width> will Shrink or Stretch your menu bar.

These will be different to everyone so this is the Trial and Error section.





Once you have made changes ALWAYS SAVE in the top left hand corner within Notepad++




Now we will close Kodi through Task Manager.




So all we have to do know is re-open Kodi and see what changes we made……



As you can see from above we now have the TIME and a SUB MENU bar that has appeared.. That’s good news.

So there you have it.

You now have a custom made Menu Bar from start to finish.

Again its all Trial and Error with the Number values so have fun playing about.

And always SAVE in Notepad++ and END KODI for changes to take effect.

The next blog will be the Sub-Menu bar.


Until next Time


Hope you have found this helpful and easy to follow till next time.

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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