Phoenix and PLP Live Streams Fix

Phoenix and PLP Live Streams Fix


Phoenix and PLP Live Streams Fix


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Have been getting hundreds of tweets about issues with PLP streams in Kodi being blocky and un-watchable especially seems to be a problem since the introduction of Kodi 16.0 and above this issue seems mainly on android devices. The issue is caused by the codecs and accelerators on these devices. Phoenix seems to have the streams that most are having the issue with and poor old Vahalla (Staeel) seems to be bombarded with tweets about it so hopefully this may help him out to. I have also seen this issue on other addons as well so worth having a read just in case you encounter this issue.


Some devices can be easily fixed but un-fortunelty for some who have the older android device or the lower spec ones if maybe time to treat yourself to a shiny new one with a better spec.

Simple Fix



Ensure in bottom left it says Setting Level Expert (if not click on it until it changes to this level)

Phoenix and PLP Live Streams Fix





Turn off both or enabled Hardware Accelerators (Make a note of which ones where enabled for later) These will vary depending on the device most of the problematic devices will have Libstagefright and MediaCodec.

Phoenix and PLP Live Streams Fix

Close down Kodi to save changes. (if you are unsure how to close kodi correctly read this blog HERE)


Once you have finished watching the match please ensure You reactivate the Accelerators that you took note of earlier as this may cause issues elsewhere if not.


Thanks for reading guys hope this blog helps you out solve issue on your device.

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