Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters

Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters


So over the last couple of days ACE have been busy hitting Popular Third Party addon Development Teams with Cease and Desist Letters, just like in November last year.. What doe’s that mean to you as an end user?What does it mean to your favorite addons or builds?

Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters

Good Afternoon Guys and Girls Dib Dab here with some massive news effecting third party kodi addons, BestforKodi always tries to keep you up to date on the latest news and goings on in the community.

Over the last few days many popular Kodi Third Party Developers were hit with cease and desist letters from The Alliance  of Creativity and Entertainment (ACE for short), a company that represents massive worldwide media companies such as Disney, Sky and the Premier League to name a few . The letters that i have seen pictures of on twitter have similar wording to the letters Alpha, Dandy Media, Mucky Ducky, and J Sergio received in November last year.


Below is a copy of a letter that was sent to Alpha last year and we used in our previous blog on this subject.

As you can see the cease and desist letter states that the addressee receiving the letter is encouraging copyright infringement through their Kodi addons. However most addons are really only like a web browser that search and scrape content from the worldwide web. They do not host any of the illegal content.

As stated by other websites the letter does not appear to be a signed legal document at this stage. There is no lawyers signature and no law firm is listed on the letter. The Letter states  “stop” or be faced with court proceedings and further punishment.


What does the Future hold?


We just don’t know at this early stage. Will update when we find out more information. But its not looking good.

Yes we have seen it all before when TvAddons where issued with Court Summons and back in November with Colossus Repo

I have had hundreds of tweets asking has this gone? Whats happening with this etc? I thought would be quicker to blog than answer all the tweets individually.

The Community could be in Turmoil again for a while to be honest.


Well its had a massive impact on the third party addon scene. I am trying to gather as much info as we can on the latest news below is a list of the on information i have been given thus far.


What facts do we have?

Well the only hard facts we have at this time is a few tweets from one of the  Dev’s which i have pasted below.

Noobs and Nerds Team Repository

Various members of Noobs and Nerds team received letters yesterday. Looking at their official  Website  looks like their hosting has been suspended. The Noobs and Nerds repo has also been taken down.

At this stage we do not know if this is the team themselves doing so or the authorities.

If you are trying to install any of their addons you will not be able to do so. This will effect a large number of addons in their repository.

We have also noticed the github page for the JEN Template has also been taken down effecting the making of new addons using this template.

Pyramid Addon

The Guys at Pyramid released a statement yesterday which can be read in full below if you don’t follow them on twitter. They will cease developing Pyramid from immediate effect.


A screenshot of the letter reportedly received by the guys at Pyramid

Looking Glass Team  Repository

Reading from various Twitter sources it looks as though Team Looking Glass also received letters and have decided to call it a day in developing third party addons. We have no blogs on our site covering this teams Repo as they stated back in November that they did not want to feature. Which is their choice which we respected.

If you are trying to install any of their addons you will not be able to do so. This will effect a large number of addons in their repository.


Teverz Repository and YouTuber

Firstly I must apoligise i have not heard of this guy before yesterday. Teverz is a apparently a Youtuber who also has his own repo and builds. According to information on various twitter feeds including his own that i read . He also received a letter from ACE. Teverz even spoke to someone on the telephone number supplied on the letter according to various sources.

He has stated “the letter nothing but a scare tactic” without any sort of legal weight. (We shall see i guess)


SpinzTV Repository

SpinzTV, a Kodi builder and Addon Dev to Strictly HD and Cartoon Crazy was reported to have received a letter and tweeted that he to was throwing in the towel.


Doggmatic is another Kodi youtuber, he is also a build maker, and reportedly a team member of the Illuminati Team Repo. Below are his thoughts on the matter.



Will try to update this blog once we get more information and the ramification’s this will cause. Is this going to have the same implications as Sparky wrote about in previous Blogs?  


Well it could very well do. This is massive Guys so buckle yourself in for the ride.

The addons will continue to work but will no longer be supported or updated.


Addon devs with anymore info, or addons that need to be added to the list drop us a tweet.

Hope this Info helps answer your tweets and saves us addressing all of them individually.

Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters

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Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters


Popular Third Party addon Development Teams hit with Cease and Desist Letters



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