Remove your Forgotten Master Lock Code in Kodi

Remove your Forgotten Master Lock Code in Kodi

Good Afternoon Guys and Girls Ezz has a look at how to Remove your Forgotten Master Lock Code in Kodi. This very simple blog will help a few of you out for sure if you have this problem.


Hello BFKers

Ime here today will a little TIP/TRICK on how to Remove your Forgotten Master Lock Code in Kodi.

If at any point you have forgotten OR Received a box that has been Master Locked (which i did yesterday).

Here is a Simple Tutorial on how to remove it and keep everything in tact.

I will do this for BOTH Window and Android users.

Ok So i have just tried to get into my System and Bang this has just come up?.

The thing is,… I DONT KNOW THE CODE?.So if i enter what i think is the CORRECT code and it is not i will see this.

What do i do? Heres what you can do to remove all the codes that you may have forgotten.

For Window Users.

You need to go to your userdata Folder.

C/users/user name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/userdata.

There you will see profiles.xml

To open the .xml file in Windows we will need Notepad++ which you can get from HERE

So we need to open the profiles.xml file, There are several ways but the way i like to do it is to RIGHT CLICK on the profiles.xml file.Then Edit with Notepad++

Once you click on that you will see this.

In the shot below you will see i have Highlighted nine lines of Code From lines 15 to 23.

What we need to do now is REMOVE AL TEXTED BETWEEN THE >< lines.

So what it will look like is this.

Once we have removed all the TEXT from each of the lines we need to SAVE the file by going to the TOP LEFT hand corner and click on FILE

Thats it Job Done.

So if we Open Kodi now and try to access our System you will see that all the Master Codes have been Deleted.

Bang were in.

For Android it is Basically the same principle but for Android we don’t need a TEXT EDITING PROGRAM.

And for this i have locked File Manager.

The Root Directory is as followed. Depending on if you are using XBMC/KODI/SPMC 1 folder will be different.

Device/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi or spmc or xbmc/files/kodi/userdata

i will show you the screen shots of the Directory you need to get to ,For this i am on SPMC.

First we need to open a File Manager Program from your Apps.

For this tutorial i am using File Manager HD.

So when we open we need to follow these steps.




Your version of XBMC,KODI,SPMC.




In there we will find our profiles.xml.

But as i said earlier we DO NOT need a Text editing program we can just CLICK ON THE FILE TO OPEN.

Again i have Highlighted the lines we need to edit.

But as you can see we don’t have any LINE numbers so the highlighted line are what we edit(Everything that has the line “LOCK……”

So once we have done it will look like this.

Now that is done we want to BACK OUT and as soon as we do we will be prompted with this

Click YES.

If all is well you will see this.

Ok that’s it its done. WELL NOT QUITE.


Now were done.

Open up Kodi.

Boom again im into my File manager.

So that’s it Hope this has helped a few of you out.

Till next time Take Care.

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