Review of S777DUB Kodi Build – Wookie Community


Hi Guys and Girls Ezz takes a look a build in the Wookie Community builds section  and this is his Review of S777DUB Kodi Build – Wookie Community. Why not check out some of these amazing builds. Big Thanks to all the wookie guys for there hard work.

Review of S777DUB Kodi Build – Wookie Community


Hello all.

I was asked to do a review on the S777DUB Build So here we go.

First the Build is only available through the Wookie Community Section of the Wookie Wizard if you dont know how to install the Wookie Wizard then you need to read my Blog on how to install HERE

The simplicity of installing the Wookie Wizard has never changed and has never been so simple.

Once you have installed the Wookie Wizard you can proceed to install the S777DUB Build i am about to review.

OK now we have that out the way lets have a look at Steve’s Build.

It is built on skin called Mimic, and come’s in at 288MB

So what do we get????.

This is what we get.

We open with S777DUB.

I like this.


As you can see from the shot above this build has the menu bar at the top with all the sections that you need.

It comes with changeable backdrops ranging from 1 to 5.

Depending what section your on.

Sports Section.


Kids Section.


Addon Section.


Music Section.


TV & Films Section.


System Section.


There is a section that you need to subscribe to SportsMania. This is not compulsory and this section can be removed in Kodi settings.




Live TV.


If we take a look in the Add-on Section.


We have everybody’s Favorites ie Exodus,Phoenix,UK Turks and more there are a few sports Add-ons in here also ,So if you like your sports then why not give this build a go.


I would consider this Build to be for everyone, In my opinion it has a bit of everything for everyone.

So there you have it.

There’s a fair few nice Backdrops in there and as i don’t personally know The Mimic Skin.  I do believe that this is a well done build and has quite a following now.

All in All a nice precise Build.

If you want to install this build follow the steps at the beginning of the Review.

You can follow S777DUB HERE

You can follow me HERE

Till next time Stay tuned to BFK. For all the latest news and Views , And if you dont follow Best For Kodi on Twitter then Why Not?

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And take care.










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