Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi

Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi


Good Evening Guys Ezz takes a look at a new build  and this is his Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi. Good to see a build that has used our very own blogs to skin the build.So what does it have to offer you? Is it worth an install? Lets find out.

Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi

Hello again BFK’ers

I bring you another Build review and this one belongs to The Gateway Team and they have two builds out that are exactly the same so if your running Kodi 16.1 your in luck as you can get this Build and if your running 17.3 then your in luck also. Basically if you have Kodi then this build is available for you.

Well where do i start?.. These Builds are built on my Favorite skin of Aeon Nox and the 16.1 version come zipped at 319mb and the Kodi 17+ comes zipped at 328mb. in the add-on section you will find 49 add-ons (impressive) I WILL TELL YOU KNOW THAT THIS/THESE BUILDS CONTAIN ADULT MATERIAL and this Build as been Skinned to the hilt as far as i can see so i take me Hat off for that to all involved in the GateWay Builds.

It contains the Multi background feature and gives you 4 backgrounds per menu item,a custom Keyboard(which i like to see) and everything that i can see has all been skinned.

And i dont think Billy Who Developed this build would not mind me saying that all the Knowledge that he needed to create this build came from the Best For Kodi site in the Skinning section that you can get from HERE

OK lets have a look at what we have (This is the Kyrpton Version) And dont forget this build has four backgrounds per section and i will show you one per section so if you want to see the rest then get it downloaded.

We start with the Splash screen to introduce you to the Build.

Then when it opens to the build we kick of with the Favourites section. Always good to have.

Then as we scroll along we have the Horror section.

Then the Kiddies section.

As i guess at some point listens to the Music?.

And we all love a good Movie?

Power is Standard. Do like some of these Backgrounds though.

Again System a must.

As i am Footy mad then this is always the section for me.

Tv Shows come next.

And a added bonus for the All-In-Ones that have everything you want in one click.

We then get to the Adult section. PLEASE TAKE NOTE IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN

And just to show you that this build got customized even more then we have a keyboard.

And the pull out side menu to-boot.

All with its own Text,style and Colors so yes its a Thumbs up from me well done the Gateway team.

You can get this Build from The wookie Wizard Community section and if you do not have the wookie wizard then WHY NOT? you can install the Wookie Wizard by following this WOOKIE WIZARD

Also Gateway have there own Repo if you would prefer to install that way and you can get that from here GateWay Repo

So give this build a try out i personally dont think you will be disappointed.

So there you have it hope you have fun.

Till next time Stay Safe.

Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi


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Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi

Review of the Gateway Build in Kodi



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