Review on DAZZAWMS Builds and Wizard on Kodi


Review on DAZZAWMS Builds and Wizard on Kodi

Hello BFK’ers

I am taking a look at DAZZAWMS Build and Wizard to show you what you get, First of all let me tell you this guy has come a long way and what you see in this build (Builds) are on par with every Builder,. This guy has a Wizard that has numerous Football team Builds (NOT MUFC THOUGH) 🙂 But he has taken the time out to signifie the teams he thinks that you will like, And i might like to add that he is always looking for people to put suggestions forward. So if you do then give this guy a shout on Twitter at HERE


Ok what do we have well his main Build is built on Aeon Nox and it comes in zipped at 211 MB and can be found in the Wookie Wizard HERE

DAZZAWMS also has his own repo to install his Builds that you can grab from HERE

So lets have a look we have 13 sections on the Main menu bar to chose from and here is what we get.

On opening the build you will be introduced by Doc Ally.

Then if we scroll right to left we get.

Music.(Nice BG)

TV Shows.

Live TV.

Movies.Again nice BG.


Everyones Fav,.Its the 4K Zone.

Add-ons (Seen this somewhere before)

System.(Nice touch on the number plate)


And Live Sports.

And then we have the AIO Section.(All In One)

And finally BUT NOT LEAST the Kids section.

So far so good great looking build. It has everything you can ask for,..lots of menu items to choose from and lots of sub-menu items to go with them as well. No need to travel far to get what you want.

There is an alternative option that Daz has put in his build and thats his own Wizard. This allows you to download and install the other builds(Football builds) that he has taken the time out to build and incorporate into his wizard.

There is NO need to clear data/fresh install/uninstall/re-install.The Wizard will do it all for you all you need to do is follow the prompts and then your good to go.

Here is what you can get in Dazz’s build section.

Go to Programs and there you will find the Wizard.

Click on the “Builds”

And there you get the list.

Shame every Acronym but no MUFC ?,… 🙂

Anyway Hats off to this kid as i know he has worked hard on this/these builds and i give him great credit.

Thats it Folks give them a try and i am sure you wont be disappointed and show the guezzer some support.

Till next time BFK’ers

Be good.

Review on DAZZAWMS Builds and Wizard on Kodi

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