Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community

Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community

Good Morning all Ezz takes a look at the Void Build in this Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community. What a great little build! Are you looking for a new look on your device. Ezz has a quick look at what this build has to offer you. Enjoy Guys.

Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community

Hello all you BFKers.

Today i bring you a review from The Void Build. The Build can be found in the one and only Wookie Community Build Section.

For anyone who does not know the Wookie wizard you can Install it from here. HOW TO INSTALL THE WOOKIE WIZARD

There are many community builds in the wookie wizard. Why not go and take a look as well as the Wookie Builds themselves.

Lets start by saying this Void Build is a 199MB zipped Build and is Built on skin.aeon.nox.silvo

Which is widely used for the use of Widgets that are available for this skin, and its durability to manipulate to your liking.

This build has a very “Space” like feel to it and the neon colors are very attractive with some alternative backgrounds.

There are two GIF backgrounds to this build that are located on the Game and the Anime sections of the menu bar, There are also a few sections that are differently designated for solo needs. These include  Horse racing,Paid section and Anime.

Lets take a look at what you will be getting from this Void Build.

Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community

The Paid section and an Animated GIF on the Gaming section.

Another Animated GIG on the Anime section and a dedicated Horse Racing section.

So there you have it with the Nice Purple menu bar. It also have some nice changes of Font color along the way.

Plenty to chose from and a lot of selection through the sub menu bar.

All in all a very nice put-together Build.

So why not give it a go. Its good enough for the lower end devices and runs absolutely perfect on my machine.

If you have anything that you need reviewing on BEST FOR KODI. Get in touch with me on Twitter HERE

Until next time.

Review on The Void Build in the Wookie Community

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