Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Hi Guys hope you are all well Grendel takes a look at the Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review , this snazzy looking gaming keyboard and how it could work with your device. If you did not know Rii do some great products that will work well with most devices. Have a read and check out what he thinks of it.

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Ok Guys, here we go with another review of a product from our friends at Rii. Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

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This time its a combo package of a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.

I must admit, my best gaming days now are behind me and it is not something I do too much of anymore. However I know it would not be long before I would be strafing and circle strafing like a regular again if I could ever find the time.

Anyway, lets have a look at this product.

As always from Rii the packaging is great and I would be very surprised if anyone ever ordered a product from them that turned up damaged.


Lets get down to it

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


One thing slightly lacking in this however was any instructions or information etc. I know, it’s a keyboard and mouse right, however, a few hints etc would be useful for some users.

Both the keyboard and mouse connect via USB so make you have a couple of spares on your set up.

I am using the keyboard to write this blog and one thing I have noticed already is the lack of typos I am making. I do have fingers like pigs tits and tend to stray across the keys on a conventional keyboard. The definition and spacing of the individual keys on this keyboard is certainly reducing that right from that start. Remember though, this keyboard is not built for you to write essays or really do any serious typing on. It is, first and foremost a gaming keyboard.

So what is a gaming keyboard I hear you ask. Well predominately a gaming keyboard is a bit bigger and stronger than a traditional keyboard and is built to withstand a good old bashing that is often required for some of the modern keystrokes required by the serious gamer. Additionally, a gaming keyboard often has some form of back-lighting to enable the user to play in very low or no light whatsoever, hence giving the best possible on screen experience. Another feature of a gaming keyboard is the addition of extra keys. These are usually positioned above the “F Keys” and are “programmable” to be used for specific gaming moves or features.

Ok, how about the Rii gaming keyboard, how does it measure up.


Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


Let’s start with the keys. As I mentioned above, they are nicely spaced out, certainly are big and beefy and have a very strong feel to them. You’re certainly not going to do any secret tying with them however as they do make a good “clonk” when pressed, but personally, I quite like that. They keys are a good height from the base and the mounting system used seems sturdy being what looks like a hybrid between a dome and Alps style.


Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


One feature that appears to be good about the keys is the character etching on each key. Rather that cheap printing, the keys are etched. Where this might mean the characters are not as bright as some others, it does mean they wont wear after some use.

The Rii gaming keyboard does not feature any additional keys for macros or programming but if you really want to do that, free software is available online to assign features to traditional keys.

On the underside of the keyboard, there a couple of fold out legs to enable you to set it at a slight incline should you wish.




Ok, cool stuff now. On the keyboard, a press of the scroll lock key turns on the 7 colour LED back-lighting on the keyboard and I have to say, it does look rather nice! The colours are a fixed pattern and do not rotate but they do the job really well and not only that, the LED shines through the etching on the characters to illuminated them perfectly. Using this keyboard in complete darkness would be no problem. The lighting is soft enough not to be obtrusive yet bright enough for illumination. Hit the scroll lock key again to turn off the lights.

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review


The Mouse


Onto the Mouse and this is also a bit of a beast.

Probably around 1.5 times the size of a traditional mouse this one has some really cool ergonomic features as well as looks.


Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Unlike the keyboard the lights on the mouse cannot be turned on or off.

These are permanently on. They do however, cycle through the spectrum changing colour every few seconds.

The mechanical style graphics enhance the lighting effect and give it a hi-tec appearance.

Ergonomically, (based on being right handed) there is a good “thumb rail” which also incorporates a handy knob for grip and control and two additional rails on the other side for third and fourth fingers making the mouse sit comfortably in your hand.

These rails incorporate cut out features once again emphasizing the lighting effects. Generous left and right buttons are neatly concave and the wheel has a rubber outer for grip.

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review IMG_4432

There is an additional button on the top of the mouse which is a DPI (dots per inch) button. What this does is automatically adjust the sensitivity of the mouse.

With each press of the button you cycle through 1000, 1600 and 2000 DPI.

This means you can change the mouse sensitivity on the fly while in mid game should the scenario require. I’ve not really used such a feature in the past but the theory sounds good, time will tell.

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review




Overall, the Rii gaming keyboard and mouse seems like a good deal.

I wouldn’t put it at the top of what is available but it certainly fits the bill and for the price I am not sure you’ll find much better.

Ease to Set up – 8/10

Size and Style – 9/10

Ease of Use – 9/10

Value – 9/10

Overall -9/10

Keep Dabbling

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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