Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review


Rii MX3-M Air Mouse review


Good Afternoon Guys and Girls. Are you looking for a new Device Remote? This Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review may have the answers you are looking for. Grendel takes a look at this great value for money remote and gives his thoughts on how it worked on his Android Device and Kodi.


Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review

Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review

Well guys, its been a while since my last blog but I have been undergoing some pretty major building work at home.

I am glad to say that it is finally calming down.

I have got three reviews coming your way of some great products from our friends at Rii.

This is the first one and its for the Rii MX3-M Air Mouse

The product comes neatly and securely packaged in somewhat stylish outer. It is neatly laid out inside with the dongle and small instruction leaflet.

This leaflet gives you the basics even if the English version is a bit lost in translation in places.

Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review

Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review


So Whats in the Box?

The dongle is small and neat and once inserted into your device the pairing with the remote is instant with nothing else needed to be done.

For those of you are regular Kodi / Andoid TV box users like myself, you will probably be aware of the S77 PRO remote sold by our great buddies Entertainment Box either on its own or as part of one of their combo deals. Well this product is as far as I can see the same thing.

You do need to pop in a couple of AAA batteries which are not supplied.

I did find one small difference between the new Rii version and my now two year old S77.

That was that the new Rii one just operated a bit “smoother”? Kind of hard to explain but it may just be because my old S77 is now well “worn in” and getting a bit loose round the edges? However the new Rii product was a bit like having a new version of any “like for like” product.


How does it Perform?


So what are the best features of the product and how does it perform.

One key I really like and use a lot, is the one that turns off the Air Mouse function.

I am sure many of you can remember the days when you had to make sure your air mouse was turned off before starting certain Kodi builds otherwise you would get thrown right back out and be in an endless circle of frustration.

Well I’m glad to say we don’t need to do this now but what I use this key for now is to re-calibrate the mouse to the centre of my screen.

With this product I often, after a bit of use, find myself pointing the mouse out of the lounge window somewhere to get the the menu I want on the screen !

When this happens, simply get the mouse somewhere central on your screen then hit this key and turn it off. Now point the remote back at the centre of the screen and switch it back on again with the same key.

Hey presto, you are “back in the room”.

Of the two Red icon keys towards the top of the the photo below the Air Mouse key is the one on the right.

Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review


Can you pair with other device’s?

Of course you can pair the device with your other products in order to use it for powering them off. There are many guides on how to do this but is is also described in the instructions that comes with the device.

The Home key is great for taking you right back to your Android home page.

The Back key is helpful for just back tracking your progress , if like me you forget where you where.

The Menu key is one that I know I mention a lot in my other blogs and is so useful for bringing up sub menus for edits and settings etc.

The photo below shows the three keys mentioned. Above the OK button are three blue icon keys. The Menu key is on the left. The Home key is in the middle and the Back key is on the right.


Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review


Keyboard Function

It is so nice to have a remote with these specific functions on a single keys.

Flip the Air Mouse over and you get the full qwerty keyboard which really does make life a whole lot easier.

OK its not what you would write too much on, but for the basics such as entering details, and making tweaks its just fine.


Rii MX3-M Air Mouse Review


One thing that I know many people have struggled with having read some other reviews.

The product staying on and draining battery life.

Well there is a simple solution for this.

If when not in use you need to place the product down with the qwerty keyboard facing upwards. This turns of the Air mouse and maintains your battery life far better.

Believe me, if you do this, you will notice the difference.

This little device really does have everything you need to run a TV device.  I would personally recommend it to be used especially with Android devices.


Some basic details as per the Amazon description which you can find by clicking here.


  • Full QWERTY keyboard and Google Android TV Remote With IR Learn Remote
  • Motion sensor allows mouse to be controlled by waving the remote.
  • 2.4G transmission up to 10m
  • Plug-and-play function, compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0
  • This keyboard and mouse can be used on many devices including Android smart TV boxes. Video Games Consoles. Windows tablet and mini desktop.


Ease to Set Up – 10/10

Size and Syle – 8/10

Ease of Use – 9/10

Stability for Kodi – 9/10

Overall – 9/10


Check out some other reviews of similar products coming your way very soon.

If you are a product manufacturer that would like a review of your product then please contact us via our twitter feed.


Keep dabbling guys





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