RIP Genesis Kodi What does the future hold?

RIP Genesis Kodi What does the future hold

RIP Genesis – What does the future hold?


RIP Genesis Kodi – So Today is the day! an end of an era.

The announcement that we have all been dreading has been made.Is is a surprise? No but was rather hoping that Lambda and his team would have had second thoughts. I know how much work has gone into this addon over the years. I know the decision would not have been taken lightly. I know it must be like losing a family member and laying them to rest. It has been a huge part of Lamda’s life for so long he must be devastated. On the other hand maybe the weight of his shoulders will enable him to move on. We have already heard that a new addon is under development from him. We have also heard it will be similar. Lets hope its better! RIP Genesis Kodi.

Below is a copy of the statement on the TvAddons forum. Please click the link here if you wish to read post first hand. You can even leave a message of support for this great team of devs over at TvAddons.

UPDATE – 11 January 2016.

We know everyone is hungry for news regarding Genesis and we understand why but before we get to the news we have a couple items to discuss:

  • We continue receiving too many posts about Genesis that do nothing to contribute and more often than not just cause problems. We do our best to minimize exposure to uninvolved members but we can’t catch them all so these problems are often played out publicly for all to see. This obviously makes the community less enjoyable for everyone but it also wastes a lot of the precious time our developers, moderators and other staff members donate. All users need to take care to avoid the same behavior and actions that contributed to the situation we now find ourselves in with Genesis. Please do your part to help us curb the submission of unnecessary or inflammatory posts. If it doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion it probably doesn’t need to be said. Be careful not to reply while your emotions are high, take a little while to calm down and keep in mind that there is often a significant language barrier that can cause misunderstandings. Try not to overreact, especially with those new to the forum.
  • This post is also written to bring attention to and ultimately help put an end to the growing problem with extremely damaging blog posts, articles and/or videos from uninformed individuals claiming to know ANYTHING about the situation with Genesis just to get hits/clicks/likes on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. If the information is from anyone other than lambda or someone on TVADDONS staff they have absolutely no ‘inside information’ or special connections that would allow them to do anything but guess. Their only goal is to get hits/clicks/likes for their website or group by pretending to have information others don’t. They do not care that they are causing significant damage to the community, all they care about is getting the next click. It is unfortunate but you will see some examples of the damage caused when we discuss the future of Genesis below. Except for ‘pre-loaded box sellers’, this group of people spreading lies and misinformation for clicks are probably causing more damage to our community than any other.

We will now move on to the Genesis news/update and finally answer the question of whether Genesis will live to see another version or not. We will also help put the things discussed above in perspective and provide some very specific examples of the damage discussed:

  • Originally lambda planned to release an update to Genesis that would include all the same features it had before along with all the improvements made. It was to include the same abundance of free links it used to have and support several new premium services. Unfortunately, with all of the lies and misinformation being spread by people that care for nothing more but hits/clicks/likes on social media he has decided to put an end to Genesis. He will release a new add-on but it will not be Genesis and it will not have library integration or favourites. These were the most used and most contentious features and he hopes removing them will help limit the new add-ons installed user base. We have discussed this several times already but in addition to removing library integration and favourites he has removed many scrapers and resolvers, specifically the free ones. The new add-on will rely heavily upon premium services like RealDebrid, RPNet, and Easynews. This is another attempt to control how large the installed userbase gets and a way to eliminate the dependence on free hosters that cause the vast majority of problems with resolution.

So while Genesis will not continue the community is very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy his new add-on when released. It will definitely not be the same as Genesis but it will provide the same ‘core’ functionality implemented with the quality and reliability we have all come to expect from him. Further details will have to wait for a formal announcement but we wanted to share this much with you now. Please wait patiently and don’t flood the forum with questions regarding dates or features. Again, we must avoid repeating the behaviors and actions that contributed significantly to the current situation with Genesis.

I hope it was clear above but lambda feels very strongly about this so to be absolutely certain everyone understands I will repeat it. The ‘less than reputable’ people on social media that are spreading lies and misinformation for the sole purpose of getting more hits/clicks/likes on social media are damaging the community. If you want to support lambda, appreciate his efforts and enjoy using his add-ons you will stop supporting them. Ignore them completely and don’t even say their names as that alone will likely give them that hit/click/like they are so desperately seeking.

Thanks all!

I would like to just take this opportunity and i am sure all of you will to in Thanking Lambda. Also all the guys that help him behind the scenes. Thanks for bringing us such a superb addon as Genesis in the first place. It will always have a place in my heart as being the best ever addon to grace Kodi.

But like the sad day Mash Up closed its doors.  You have to move on and not dwell on the past and what could have been and look to the future and to the alternatives.

I have been covering Alternatives for the last month or so.  Since an announcement looked like being made they can be read on links below.

5 Alternatives to genesis for TV Shows HERE.

5 movie Addons you should have on your device HERE .(obviously ignore Genesis on list)

I will be covering and writing a blog covering more alternatives over next few days. In the mean time check out great addons like.


Entertainment Hub.



Royal We.

Release Hub.


So that’s it for today guys on this sad day. Please remember we have a great community of Devs. This is not the end for Kodi maybe just a new beginning. Just remember always from the ashes rises a Phoenix.

I for one is looking forward to seeing the future even though a bit sooner than i would have wanted.

But thanks again Lambda you Sir are a Kodi Legend. 

All the best Sparky.

15/02/16 update on this blog Lambda has released brand new addon to replace Genesis called Exodus please us the install guide to add to your device today HERE

RIP Genesis Kodi.


RIP Genesis Kodi What does the future hold

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