Roll Call – Glad to be Onboard

best for kodi

Roll Call – Glad to be Onboard

Jay aka Mega ?


Buzzing to be asked to help contribute to this fantastic site. Hopefully through the teams broad range of knowledge we can help make your Kodi experience even better.

As someone who’s fairly new to the community (still less than a year). I can still understand how the simplest of tasks to us can seem daunting to someone who hasn’t tried carrying out some of the things you will be required to do to keep your device upto to date. That’s where BestforKodi comes into it. We will always strive to put things in the simplest terms possible.

Some of you will only ever use Kodi for streaming, others, like myself  like to delve a little further into it. For me at the minute it’s all about customization. There’s no better feeling than creating your own custom Kodi build then sharing it with the community for others to enjoy.

I currently have 2 builds Mega’s Wookie Build”






“Mega’s Kids Build” on the fantastic Wookie Wizard “Community Build” section for people to download and enjoy for themselves.


Roll Call - Glad to be Onboard


I look forward to being able to pass on some hints and tips, and hopefully pick up some more of my own along the way.

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