RSS news feeds on Kodi – How to customize

RSS news feeds


RSS news feeds on Kodi – How to customize


Hello guys (and girls) of the Kodi world, in the this article we are going to show you how to change the RSS news feeds bar to any news that you want to see.

This is just a cool little extra to add so you can keep up to date with what is going on in the world or even just local news.


As you can see below, I have Sky news on the RSS feed.



First  of all you will need the websites url that you want to use so just go to Google or any search engine and type the website you want (I’m using Sky news for this example) and type “RSS url” after it like below.



The first result on the search engine you have used should be the one you need.

Click in to the website you are going to use and it will bring up the page where you can select the RSS feed you want.

Every website will be a bit different but it should bring up “find feeds” or “Choose feed” like below.



Simply click what section of news you want i.e “Home” and it will take you to the corresponding page and all you need from there is the url from the top of the page.

The “Home”  url for Sky news is

This is what we are going to input in to the RSS editor on Kodi.


Once you have the urls you want to add, open Kodi and go to

  • System
  • Settings
  • Appearance


Now you should be here



On the right hand side make sure “Show RSS news feeds” is enabled


Then just below that click “Edit”


You will then get the “add on required” message like below, here you want to click yes.


This will install the RSS Editor add-on and bring up the below screen.



This next step is very important, for the very 1st one you do you must edit one of the current urls.

So to do this just click on 1 of the 3 urls already there by default and then type your new url you want to use in place of it and click “done”


It will then ask you what time interval you want between news updates. It will be “30” by default, this is in minutes so select the time interval you want and click “done”


Once you have edited one of the urls you can then go ahead and remove the ones you don’t by highlighting them and clicking “remove” then you can click “add” if you want to add more.

Now you should be on the below screen.


So now you have all the urls added you want to use go ahead and click “OK”

That should be all set so just go back the Kodi home screen and check it out.

If it doesn’t show up straight away restart your device and it will be there.


That’s it for this article folks, if this helped you out please share it with whoever you can, tell your mates, tell your brother’s and even tell your cousin’s! forum


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