S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard – Air Mouse Review


Good Evening Guys and Girls. Are you looking for a new Device Remote? This S77 Pro Plus Air Mouse Review may have the answers you are looking for. I take a quick look at this great value for money remote and gives my thoughts on how it worked on my Android Device and Kodi.


S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard – Air Mouse Review


Good Evening Guys normally I would get Grendel to do these reviews. So apologies to him ??

Its so quiet at the moment that i thought i would take up the mantle and have a dabble at a product review myself.

Over the weekend i was sent the very latest S77 remote with Voice Command from Entertainment Box. I am a big fan of the original S77 remote but i must say this is a massive improvement on the original remote.


 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review

So Whats in the Box?


The product comes neatly and securely packaged in a simple black box . It is neatly laid out inside with the dongle and small instruction leaflet.

The much improved leaflet gives you all the instructions that you need. The previous S77 came with a poor instruction manual in broken English. This have been much improved and re written by Entertainment Box.


You will need to pop in a couple of AAA batteries which are not supplied. Just remove the hidden slide on the bottom of the remote on keyboard side.

Its a real shame that it is not a rechargeable remote.

The dongle is small and neat and once inserted into your device the pairing with the remote is instant with nothing else needed to be done to use the basic features of the remote.


How does it Perform?

So what are the best features of the product and how does it perform.

The Air Mouse

The Air mouse is a great feature! You can use your remote like a Wii Controller.

The new S77 comes with the Air mouse feature auto de-activated. (YEAH!) To turn on the air mouse press button next to mute button

For users of the old S77 this will be heard as a blessing as it was rather annoying at times and drained the battery life quite quickly being on all the time.

The air mouse is a great feature and makes navigating Kodi and Android OS and apps so much easier.

Android apps littered with adverts can be a nightmare to navigate on a standard box remote but with the air mouse you can zip around the app without accidentally clicking on an annoying advert.



 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review

The Backlit Keys

One of the great new features of the S77 Pro Plus is the Backlit keys on both the front of the remote and on the reverse on the full keyboard side. Yes that’s correct all the keys light up in the dark!!

This makes it so much easier to navigate or pause your Movie in the pitch black. Such a great plus on the previous older model.

Keyboard Function

It is so nice to have a remote with these specific functions on a single keys.

Flip the Air Mouse over and you get the full 38 key qwerty keyboard. This really does make life a whole lot easier when doing search’s in Kodi addons.

When we look at the keyboard on the back side of the S77 has a good feel to it. The keys are small, but there is a good amount of space around each key. So no problems with my fat fingers!!

To type numbers you can either use the number pad on the top of the remote or using the Alternate keys on the keyboard itself.

OK you could not type a whole blog on it, but for the basics such as entering details, and making tweaks it doe’s a great job.

Voice Command Features

Wow that’s all i can say about this feature, cant believe this feature is on a remote for such a small price!!

This is like having a Google Home, Amazon Echo or Siri Speaker device built into your TV, displaying the results on the TV screen.

This is all possible through the Google voice command app and the New S77 Pro Remote with voice activation.

Only Downside, this will only work on a device that runs on the Android 6.0 or higher operating system. Entertainment Box are looking to see if its possible on older operating systems so watch this space!!

With the introduction of Google Voice activation, it’s now possible to use Android voice commands to control your TV box. Use OK Google to search Kodi for music, movies, games, or open applications.

 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review


Watch this amazing feature in action with this brand new video by Entertainment Box


Can you pair and control other devices?

Of course you can pair the device with your other products in order to use it for powering them off. There are many guides on how to do this but is is also described in the instructions that comes with the device.

This remote has five IR learning keys can be planned. Take learning Power On of TV remote for an example.
1. Ensure your TV remote supports NEC protocol for learning, batteries installed correctly and LED flash red
2. Set the S77 remote and TV remote facing each other with top ends, keep the distance between them within 0.1 feet.
3. Press the TV button on the S77 remote for 4-5 seconds until LED flashes fast.
4. Then press the Power button on the TV remote to learn 4-5 seconds until the LED on the S77 remote flash fast, press one of five IR keys, the LED of S77 will keep red and not flash.
5. Then press the TV buttons on the S77 remote to exit learning mode.

So Simple!!

The Home key is great for taking you right back to your Android home page.

The Back key is helpful for just back going back to previous screen which is great in Kodi as some skins don’t have a back button.

The Menu key is one that I know I mention a lot in my other blogs and is so useful for bringing up sub menus for edits and settings etc.

The photo below shows the three keys mentioned. Above the OK button are three icon keys. The Menu key is on the left. The Home key is in the middle and the Back key is on the right.


 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review



Ease to Set Up – 10/10

Size and Style – 9/10

Ease of Use – 9/10

Stability for Kodi – 9/10

Value for Money – 10/10


Overall – 9/10

What a Bargain at £18.99!!

The only reason this amazing remote loses a point is the fact that you have to use normal AAA batteries. Even though they last a while would love to just have the option to plug in a USB lead and recharge it. So if you are reading this Ebox when you develop your next remote a rechargeable one PLEASE!!!


Head over to EntertainmentBox and get yours Today!! HERE


Check out some other reviews of similar products coming your way very soon.


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S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard – Air Mouse Review


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 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review


 S77 Pro Plus Backlit Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard - Air Mouse Review






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