Sideloading Kodi onto an Amazon Device using adbFire

Sideloading Kodi onto an Amazon Device using adbFire


This blog written by Andy one of our readers will show you Sideloading Kodi onto an Amazon Device using adbFire


Hi Guys here’s a quick Blog to help you readers who have purchased an Amazon Device install Kodi onto it.

This is my how-to guide for sideloading Kodi onto a 1st/2nd-gen Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using a program called adbFire on a Windows PC.

Sideloading Kodi onto an Amazon Device using adbFire

1. Plug your firetv stick into the HDMI port on your tv, and plug it into a power socket with the included wire and plug(as the lead is a usb lead some tv’s with a usb will power it some will not)in my experience it is best to use the plug.
When it has loaded you will be asked to either make an account or login with your Amazon account(YOU CAN GO NO FURTHER UNTIL THIS IS DONE) you can click the back arrow on remote to enter your WIFI PASSWORD/KEY (edit network settings).

2. When the firetv stick has loaded, scroll to the very bottom onto system- then scroll across to settings- and scroll down and select developer options and enable debugging and apps from unknown sources, scroll back up a little and select about-network and make a note of your firesticks ip number(e.g We are going to use adbfire to load kodi.

adbFire is a companion program for the Amazon Fire TV/stick and Android Kodi,The Kodi functions of adbFire do not require root!

3. installing on Windows ,this link will download adbfire2.01 for windows.

4. Double-click to open the downloaded adbFire zip file Inside you will see a folder named adbFire. DO NOT open this folder yet. Drag the adbFire folder to your Desktop. Once the adbFire folder is on your Desktop, double-click it to open, then right click the adbFire.exe program within to start adbFire.

5. Once adbfire loads, click on the “New” button near the top middle, Enter anything you want in the “Description” field, and enter your Fire tv/stick IP address(that we made note of earlier) in the “Address” field . Then click “Save”. Click connect after entering the firetv IP address details in “new”, The “Connected devices” box should now show your firetv IP.

6. Download the correct version of Kodi Isengard (ANDROID)ARM version from their website.HERE

7. On adbfire click install APK and select the kodi image you just downloaded, Click “Yes” to confirm that you want to install the selected APK.

8. Wait for the APK to install. This could take several minutes. then click om to finish.

9. Now click on firestarter near bottom left of adbfire and install. this will only take a few seconds.

10. On the fire tv stick go back to manage installed aplications, find firestarter and launch the application, when it loads click left and move down onto settings, click right and then scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click on import. IT SHOULD RESTART FIRESTARTER.

11. Now click on kodi and it will load kodi


Enjoy Guys!!!

Sideloading Kodi onto a 1st/2nd-gen Fire TV /Stick using adbFire


This program is great read below for full list of features of AdbFire


  • Install Programs without Android SDK
  • ADB/Fastboot enabled command-line
  • Busybox for root and non-root
  • Extensive Hyperlinked Help
  • Built-in WIFI/USB remote
  • FireStarter Launcher for Fire OS
  • Move Kodi data to external drives
  • Manage devices via USB or IP address
  • Manage multiple Android devices at once
  • Custom Cache Support for Kodi Video
  • adbFire database supports unlimited devices
  • SSH and SFTP
  • Extensive logging routines
  • Built-in Log File Viewer
  • Checks online for program updates
  • Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Backup/Restore Kodi data
  • File Management features

Root Functions

  • Install rbox v3 recovery for 4K Fire TVs
  • Mount USB Drives/Sticks:
  • Mount Formats exFat,VFAT,NTFS,Ext*,HFS+
  • Mount USB Drives/Sticks by UUID or Label
  • Samba file sharing
  • Boot scripting via init.d
  • Mount Android filesystem R/W
  • and more …

now take a look at on how to install the addons

Why not give the guys a follow on twitter as well @bestforkodi  or give Andy a follow he has great knowledge HERE


Like i said before this blog was written by a fellow reader for you guys. A big thanks to Andy who can be followed Here on his twitter. If any of you are interested in writing a blog for us but don’t have the time to become a full time writer for BFK then drop me a tweet with your idea and i will be happy discuss it with you.






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