So you have a new Android TV Box – What now?

Android TV Box

So you have a new Android TV Box – What now? Your Android TV Box is brand new and in your hands. You have hooked it up to your TV. Now, how to make it the best present or purchase you have ever had.


By simply adding Kodi to your Android TV Box, your world can be opened up to a host of addons containing your favourite TV shows. The latest Movies, Live TV, Live Sport and more. The possibilities are absolutely endless.


There are many different ways to get Kodi onto your Android TV Box.


First thing you can do, is you can add a build. Basically a build has done all the hard work for you. By adding a pre configured build you will get access to various addons that the developer has decided to put on that particular build.


There are many good builds around. One of the most popular is a build called Wookie. We have covered what is available in the Wookie a few times. Time never stands still and this build is being constantly updated with all of the latest addons and repos.


To get the Wookie onto your Kodi device. Please follow this guide HERE

The Wookie also offers Community Builds. To find out more about these read HERE

You can follow the team at Wookie on twitter HERE. Or check out their website HERE.


You can also add Kodi and the addons seperately yourself.

If you are looking to add your own addons into Kodi, we have various guides around the Best for Kodi website on how to install Kodi yourself and various addons.

A good starting point would be by checking out this category HERE.

Addons are released all of the time. So just keep checking back here for all the latest ones.


If you are feeling adventurous you could also create your own Kodi build from scratch. We have complete in depth guides on how to do this. No other site offers this kind of in depth coverage on how to do this.

To follow the steps on How to Create your Own Kodi build. Please read the posts HERE 


So, now you actually have Kodi installed.


Your addons are all in whether it be via Wookie, your own build or however you have decided to set it up. You find yourself either wanting to tweak certain things or you just can’t get the screen size right.

No worries, we have you covered on that aswell.

With the Best for Kodi Back 2 Basics series, we offer you guides for your tweaks, whether this be changing a background, changing a menu or simply making cosmetic changes to your Kodi set up. The Back 2 Basics series also offers you solutions to various problems you may find yourself encountering.

To check out all of the posts in the Back 2 Basics series, please go HERE


So, basically here at Best for Kodi we have you covered. Kodi can be daunting at first but please don’t worry. There’s always an answer for everything, so have a search around the site.

You can also follow us on Twitter HERE


Most importantly though, enjoy your new Android TV Box. We hope you have some spare time, you are going to need it with all the extra content you are about to unlock with Kodi.






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