Sparky’s Top 5 Kodi Addons

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Sparky’s Top 5 Kodi Addons


After the success of Mega posting his top 5 Kodi Add-ons it got me thinking what mine would be.You don’t realise how hard it is until you sit and look at it.

We are just so lucky in the Kodi community at the moment to be blessed with such talented Devs providing us with awesome add-ons.  The beauty of Kodi though is it has something for everyone so my top 5 is  different to Mega’s.

Yes i do use Genesis, Pheonix and UK Turks who don’t but tend to use these more.I also have the tendency to fight the corner of the little guys obviously why i support Gillingham.

These are free add-ons that i use every day.

1.Music Box

My number 1 add-on has nothing to do with Tv, Movies or Sports mine is a Music add-on. Not any old music add-on but the best music add-on Kodi.

Music box is superb all you have to do is sign up to a free account at VK.COM enter your details into the add-on settings and away you go. Its basically like a free Spotify Premium. 

Screenshot 2015-10-20 19.02.59

It has loads of features as you can see by the above photo but my personal favorite is the ITunes Chart by Country which lists all the albums currently in the chart all ready for you to play instantly.

This addon also allows you to download content to device or connected Network drive which is a handy feature. I use this addon on a daily basis as always have to have background music on whilst working.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 19.03.32


Why not add it to your device today and see why its my Number 1.


2.Release Hub

Release Hub seems to have been around for years its always my go to add-on for Movies and TV Shows. Why I hear you ask? Well its because its always the first add-on to get all the latest in top quality available because it uses the Scene release sites like Release BB and Sceper for its content. I Have known Tommy the Dev for years and he does a great job on all of his add-ons and if this was a top 10 list a few more of his add-ons would have been in the list. i use this on a daily basis and if you have a Real Debrid account add your details in to settings to get even more top quality sources. (I will cover what Real Debrid is an article tomorrow.) If not this his OCW Reborn is making waves in the community.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.41.23


Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.47.07


Pretty much every Tv Show and Movie at you finger tips. Why not check it out today.


3.Project Cypher 

Project Cypher is a new add-on on the Kodi scene but the dev has been around for a while and i have been using his work since he started publishing his Futuhdware playlist which i used to add into playlist loader. Project Cypher is the ideal replacement for IPTV Stalker which went paid sub. It has a great selection of Live Tv Channels and even has a requests section. I even messaged him this afternoon ad requested Disney Junior and within 10 mins i had a reply that channel had been added. Now that’s my kind of service. So what channels has it got? i hear you ask.

The add-on is broken down nicely into sections as you can see from pics posted below and the streams are not hd but high quality sd 576p and very reliable.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.20.19

It has all the sports channels that you will need and all of the Sky movies channels and even HBO Live Channels and American Movie Channels.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.20.31

Also if you are a hot blooded male like myself you would have spotted from the photo above it has Lingerie Football League Video on Demand which is well worth a watch. Enjoy Guys. The Dev is always looking to improve this add-on and i can see this growing into a Kodi great. check out Install Guide

4. The Mutts Nutts

Well what can i say about the Mutts Nutts that has not already be said before Jason the dev for this add-on has done a superb job with this addon and its so easy to use even for a Kodi novice i always recommend it to new Kodi users. It has the top movies at the best quality available at the time and just a click of a button away in a resolution to suit you. It will be interesting to see if this add-on grows. The one thing that i like the most about it is its very fast in loading the content none of this waiting around when clicking on a category like in genesis or istream.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 23.29.05

another great feature is the option to play a trailer or adding to library by right clicking mouse or press menu button on your remote. This is such a simple idea but it gives the addon that little extra that other lack.


Screenshot 2015-10-20 23.29.55

If you have not installed The Mutts Nutts on your device then why not! follow our install guide HERE


5. Operation Robocop

Another new add-on on the scene just sneaks into my top the only add-on the same and my old mates mega’s top 5. This was very close to not making my list just because of its stability and the fact that it keeps moving and has been having issues. however the content is too good just to throw it out. i speak regularly with the dev on twitter and he seems very passionate with his add-on and i think this is another one i am looking forward to seeing it grow.

It has a mix of Live Tv and Sports. Like Mega said it has quite rightly been getting a lot of praise recently for the quality of his Live Sports Streams.

The addition of Premier League Pass has taken this add-on to another level and offers users streams that would not look out of place in a sub based add-on



As you can see from tonight’s line up it had all bases covered with the champions league.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 22.57.21

Check out Operation Robocop this weekend and see for yourself Our Install Guide


Well I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 5 addons and look forward to reading your comments on our twitter feed


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