Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi – Our Take

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take


We take a look at Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi – and this is  Our Take on it. This will help you understand why the negativity on the scene and if you decide to install it, How you can do this?


Good Afternoon Guys

Hope you are all well,  I have been in a moral dilemma since a zip arrived in my inbox 5 days ago of a new addon called Specto. This is a regular thing so why am i making such a big deal at the start of this blog?

If it was from a trusted Repo or Dev I would normally just blog it.

On installing the zip this was no ordinary addon. This was for an addon that had the name Specto but had everything else of Genesis. The look, the artwork everything.

I could tell this was going to be Big but on same hand knew it was going to cause issues in the community and divide us again.

The Kodi community is buzzing at the this news i have hundreds of tweets and emails on it and i have purposely left blogging about this until today.

I don’t want the Hits and the clicks for this unlike like some other sites or YouTubers that have sold themselves out on this one. This is not Genesis back as some of them have stated. Some are even saying its just moved repos.

Genesis is one of the biggest and well Known add-ons in Kodi its a real powerhouse of an add-on and written by one of the nicest and most talented devs in the Kodi Community Lambda. I have up most respect for Lambda and his team and all at Tvaddons.

Genesis seems to of been around forever and i for one, like most, are gutted to see the demise of this once Flagship addon but i also respect the decision of Lambda.

I know the decision by him to longer update and support it would not have been taken lightly.

As i stated in a previous blog I know how much work has gone into this addon over the years. I know the decision would not have been taken lightly.

It has been a huge part of Lambda’s life for so long he must be devastated. On the other hand maybe the weight off his shoulders will enable him to move on.

We have already heard that a new addon is under development from him this can only cause him to be side tracked to answer questions on this subject..

So What is it then? i hear you now asking  Specto is what we call a Fork addon in the scene. So What do we mean by Fork?

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take

A Fork is taking an addon and using it as a base, then creating a separate addon from it by adding/fixing and improving it. The new team should actually do something though and just not change the addon id and name and a few graphics. The icon above should say Specto, not Genesis.

One thing that did please me about Specto is the fact that it did not hide anything. It told us what it was from the offset unlike these clones that are floating around that take other peoples work and claim it as their own.

I am pleased to see that most of the other respected blogging sites look as if they had taken a similar stance to me, which is great but after speaking to a few other devs and from reading the forums and talking to other respected people in the Kodi scene, felt it was necessary to have a say on the matter.

I have read on TvAddons forums that Lambda himself has no problems with the release of this Fork addon but would like them to change a few things which some have been done already like author. This is good as why should Lambda’s name still be on it? As this will only cause him to asked questions about it when its no longer his responsibility. He also wants the Genesis name removed from it so i guess this will come shortly. He also wants the new team to take full responsibility and give the superb support he and his team did with Genesis.

So what do we know about this new Dev?

So who is MrKnow ?

I have now idea this is a new name to me. I would however like to speak with Him, Her or Them as i have quite a few unanswered questions. so please contact us for a friendly chat.

Is is a safe and trusted source? Sorry I dont have the answer to this as yet. So if you choose to install it, it would be at your own risk.

Lambda spent a lot of time maintaining Genesis.  Will you maintain this addon on a regular basis?, do you have the resources and time to do this? What makes you think that you can do what Lambda couldn’t? 

What are your future plans for Specto? 

What made you take on this massive Challenge in the first place? Is this just a publicity stunt?

Are you planning on leaving credits in the code as they were in Genesis?

So whats it all about?

You will all of course know your way around Genesis. Specto is the same. Yes they have done a great job of adding new sources and fixing the broken sources and it works like a dream so i must commend them on that. It looks as though it may have the new RD Api as my searches are pulling up more links which is also great.

I have taken some screenshots below to show difference to compare the two together.

The Revenant

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take





Grease Live

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take




Like i said before you can install at your own risk this is how to install on your device below

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM 
  • Then File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Select None
  • Type the following http://filmkodi.com/repository  and click Done
  • Highlight the box underneath Name source anything you want for your reference. 
  • Select OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take


Once you have this source installed on your device just follow below:-

  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from Zip File
  • Select the source you named
  • Select Repository.filmkodi.com.zip
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification (This will install the repo)

Then go to 

  • Select System
  • Select Addons
  • Select Get Addons/Install from Repository 
  • Select MrKnow Repo
  • Select Video addons
  • Click on Specto
  • Wait for addon enabled Notication

Specto Genesis Fork Addon Kodi - Our Take


Anyone having issues installing the repo please install this zip whilst the repo is not working correctly HERE


My closing thoughts

Genesis is Genesis and mine still works great with RD. (available through Fusion Repo)  Yes the time will come when it stops working i know that. Specto is just a Fork of  Genesis. Its has not taken over as Genesis still exists. What will happen in the future? i do not know so many questions.


But one point i would like to put across now. I would like to just take this opportunity and i am sure all of you will to in Thanking Lambda. Also all the guys that help him behind the scenes. Thanks for bringing us such a superb addon as Genesis in the first place. It will always have a place in my heart as being the best ever addon to grace Kodi.

But thanks again Lambda you Sir are a Kodi Legend. 

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Until next time Peace Sparky.



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