Stay clear of Offside Streams and Usemytv Kodi Addons

Stay clear of Offside Streams and Usemytv Kodi Addons


Afternoon Guys This blog has taken time to Investigate and write but this is Why Stay clear of Offside Streams and Usemytv Kodi Addons , Stay safe guys and hope this stops a lot of users getting burnt by these people once and for all.


Good Afternoon Guys I hope you are all well, This is not normally a blog i would normally write for BFK but i need to get my message across in the hope that it will save a large percentage of our readers any heartache and their hard earned cash. Oh and a massive bit of #Karma.

#BFK’s Growth since we opened in October has amazed me and month on month we are still growing, We now have over 3 Million readers a month and we seem to be well liked and respected in the community.

My aim when starting the site was to help others starting out in the Kodi world to enjoy the options open to them and for me to give back to a community that taught be a lot when i came across it few years ago now. This whilst juggling family life and a full time job would be a challenge in its self. I do have a few others that help and contribute to the site but they also are busy with their life.

A few of you will know me from my days on customer support for the UK’s largest Android and Gadgets seller and have followed my journey to BFK so thanks for sticking around

The team here do this for FREE as any advertising funds are pumped back into maintaining site and competition prizes etc.

I feel that we have achieved my primary target and with all of your help my new objective is to become the number 1 third party Kodi blogging site. I know we still have a long way to go as the competition is great and I myself read a lot of the other sites to get a different take on all things Kodi.

We are always looking to improve the site so if you have any ideas or even fancy joining the Nut House drop me a tweet and i will try and make time to have a chat.


Right lets get down to the reason of this blog.


Last week I has a blazing row with a reader and another sub based addon (who i shall not name) that decided to put its nose in where it did not belong who questioned my integrity with regards to a review i wrote about another sub based addon. This hurt big style and made me question myself and BFK going forward. But i stand by values and the review and glad to say that myself and BFK are going nowhere!!

But it did make me think about the scam artists that are in our community and the fact that we should use the power of BFK to highlight them to our readers. Having being scammed myself too.

This is why we only recommend certain sub based addons not just the cheapest. We read customer feedback and ask questions on various social media before even mentioning them.

Last Week we were also contacted by UseMyTv to promote their service, so started to do my digging as i do normally.

Some of you maybe aware of an Sub based third party addon called Offside Streams (or OSS for short) and a brand new addon and website called UseMyTv well we found out these are basically the same people and the reason they have decided to start a new site and addon is due to the bad practices going on at the old one. (Bad Practices is a very light way of putting it)
useoffMy own experience  

I subscribed to Offside Streams myself for 8/10 months, the service itself was ok but it started to go through a faze that channels were down more than they were up so i made the decision enough was enough and it was time to cancel my subscription.

I Went through the procedure to cancel my subscription but 2 months later they were still taking payment and dozens of emails and tweets later it was still not rectified. Finally i managed to get my sub cancelled by jumping up and down on my personal twitter account. They even blocked me!!

That’s when the fun began!!!!

My credit card was used fraudulently for over £600, on a dozen transactions including some sexy female underwear ( hope she looked good in it) and various Vodaphone transactions and a PC , in the space of few days of cancelling my sub. You may be sitting their saying how do i know it was related to OSS?

Well it was the only transactions that i used that card for in a two year period and it was a newly issued card in this time frame. That’s how!

Luckily my wife works for a credit card company in the fraud squad and she is investigating these companies (all four of them that they trade under)  and its transactions.

The fact that payment servers are not secure (they can see all of your details once you have inputted them) hence they can be used at a later date or even sold on if they wished.

I have since read hundreds of people on facebook, twitter that have had similar experiences and even one last week who said they cancelled six months before and they have started charging them again and their card being used fraudulently to purchase other items.

Customers having to cancel cards and get new ones to stop payments being taken.

Have a read for yourself guys the Kodi facebook groups are littered with complaints and horror stories! even read twitter feed of the video author. So don’t get caught out.

I was even sent this funny video from one disgruntled user, even though its not a laughing matter it helps spread the word. So please share the blog and this video.



So What do i know about them? Over the last few months i have been gathering info on where they are based and the name of the guy that runs them and feel only matter of time before an address is found.


So do yourself Guys Please Stay clear of these people.

If you are going to use a payed service please look around, ask other kodi users, read blog sites, get customer feedback and if you use a card as payment please use a pay as you go Credit Card.

I personally would not sign up for anything longer than a month. Yes it will cost you slightly more in the long run but if the service closes or you decide to change you are not tied in and going to lose money. Also when you cancel you have no worries of your card being fleeced for hundreds of pounds.

Some info on Pre paid Credit Cards HERE

Thanks for reading guys. Apologies if this blog upsets any of you.  No Doubt there will be a fall out from this blog!  I am looking forward to the abuse from these sites and their minions but this had to be said for the benefit of the community.


Been nice knowing you all lol






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