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Hello again, Yes i am back again.

For those of you new to BFK who may not know me I am part of team here at BFK i have written lots of blogs on the Kodi basics which i hope have helped out thousands of you get to grips with Kodi.

Big thanks to Sparky for allowing me to continue to blog on this amazing site of which we all do for free in our spare time so be sure to follow us on twitter and login and check the site on a daily basis.

Be sure to check out the companies that advertise on this site they are all hand picked and deliver great service. This generates some cash for the site to be able to continue and cover server cost etc.

Anyway myself and Damo are going to bring you these blogs via BFK to show you how simple it is to pimp up your own Kodi Build. So here is my second blog in this new section.


This time we are going to go through How to Install the Sub Menu Highlight Bar.

If you have followed my previous blogs you will know we have covered.

Menu Bar Part 1 and Part 2.

Sub Menu Bar.

The Links can be found at Menu Bar Part 1 and Menu Bar Part 2

So if you have followed my Blogs on how to create your own build you will know by now what tools you need.

And as with previous blogs in the Skinning Section it will be the same principle of changing the .png file and changing the values in the strings for the size,shape and height.

So without further a do lets get on.

Here is were we left off last time.

And as you can see there is not one Sub Menu in sight.

Sub Menu Highlight Bar


So what i will do is add one just for the purpose of this Blog But at a later Blog i will show you How to do this.

Here is what i added as you all know that this is my favorite section.

And you can just see that the File Manager sub menu is slightly highlighted.

In a transparent box.

We are going to get shut of that and implement our own.



NotePad Time

As you can see it does not even fit in the sub menu bar that we created,… but that is OK were there is a will there is a way.

So lets get the Highlight box in there First.

As you should know by now lets open Notepad++

And we want to be looking at line 223 or there about it will look like this.




The list select_fo.png is what we want to change to our new .png file.

Ok i named mine something i was going to put somewhere else “So do not take any notice of the name of the file” Because i could not be arsed to change it lol.

So i changed it to.




And this is what i ended up with.


Sub Menu Highlight Bar


Hmmmmmmmmmm Not Good, But after changing a few values i came up with this?

And you will notice i added my own “Tag” to the “String” just to move it that extra inch.




And this is what we ended up with.


Sub Menu Highlight Bar


So there you have it.

Once you have the right tools you can manipulate anything if you know where to find them.

So all we have to do now is get the Text to fit so what we need to do is.

If we scroll to Line 211 in there change the <height> tag also change line 231 and 243 to the same value.




Here is my .xml.

Dont forget the HIGHER the VALUE the LOWER the text/.png.




So after Saving and re-starting Kodi you should have something like this.


Sub Menu Highlight Bar

Until Next Time

OK that’s the bottom half of your Build complete.

Check out some of the skinning tools use by Damo in his Tutorials HERE and HERE

Hope you have found this helpful and easy to follow till next time.

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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Till next time.


Be good.





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