Sync your Audio in Kodi

back 2 basics

Sync your movies in Kodi


The day has come when you and your family have made the decision to watch a movie.

So the hole sha-bu-dal is out.

Crisps, Nuts, Chocolate, Beer,Wine the lot.

You’re all in your seats…..

Dad has the remote control, checking if everybody is in the right place?

Everyone give him “the nod”.

The remote comes out and…

Dad hits play.

All is good as the intro to the movie is there.

No buffer…WOW

All the credits run up to the start of the movie X-a-LENT

All of a sudden when someone speaks wow

Its about 1.5 seconds out the lips move to the previous/on coming line they are suppose to say.


What do yo do?

Go and find another link?

Go through the same scenario again?

Well how about trying this?

When the film starts.

Click the OK button on the remote.

You will see all the functions.


Click the SPEAKER/VOLUME symbol.

And a sub menu will appear on the screen.


Scroll to Audio offset.


Left click or right click to Synchronize.

This will Sync the Audio to the Movie.

No need to change Streams/links/Add-ons.

A short and sweet basic tip.

Hope this is beneficial to someone.

Watch these blogs as you never know?


Till next Kodi Spmc xbmc





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