T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review


OK guys, time for another product review and I have got something special for you right here.

It’s the brand new T8-AML-V3S from our friends at Entertainment Box.

We must put a big shout out to them for giving us the opportunity to review this item. So, let’s crack on with this T8 AML V3S Android Box Review.


Once again, after a lightening fast delivery the T8V3S was staring back at me, begging for me to fire it up.


T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at what we get.

The T8V3s comes perfectly packaged in a smart looking box, strong enough to provide protection and inside it comes with all the necessaries.

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

For those of you that follow my blogs, you will know that I am no stranger to the odd product from Entertainment box and I already have a T8 AML V2 as well as a T8 AML V3.

Before I start to tell you more about these boxes I must state one VERY IMPORTANT thing.

There are many box sellers out there, some of which are not to be trusted. PLEASE, do your homework before parting with your hard earned cash. I cannot recommend the guys at Entertainment box any higher, these guys are the real deal and you will not only receive the best quality, most up to date boxes available on the market but you will also be getting customer support that is just un-matched anywhere.

Anyway, back to the T8V3S and what’s so different about it I hear you ask?


Here’s what we are going to do.
• First, for all those of you, like me that already have a T8V3, let’s take a quick look at the difference between the T8V3 and the T8V3S.
• Then we will view the entire specification of the T8V3S
• Then let’s compare apples with apples here a do a direct comparison between the T8V2 and the T8V3S.
• And finally we will fire up the T8V3S and have a look at it


The T8V3S has now superseded and replaced the T8V3. That means that the T8V3 is no longer available.

It’s easy to understand why the guys at Entertainment box have done this and I have to say it’s for all the right reasons. The T8V3S is being retailed at exactly the price at the V3 only now it’s been a bit pimped.

There are only two main features that have been added to the T8V3S, those being the provision for a 2.5″ 7mm SATA hard drive and also an upgrade of the Android operating system from 4.4 Kitkat to 5.1 Lollipop.

Everything else remains the same. So, if like me, you have a T8V3 you have not missed any updates in terms of hardware performance.

Many people have asked the question if it will be possible to update the Android operating system from KitKat4.4 to Lollipor 5.1 and I know this is something the guys there are currently looking into so stay posted.

So let’s now take a look at the entire T8V3S Specification, and this is impressive.

  • Processor: Amlogic S812 Quad Core Cortex A9r4 2GHz.
  • Operating System: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • GPU: Mali-450 Octa Core @600MHz
  • Power Indicator (LED: Power On: Blue – Standby: Red.
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3.
  • Internal Memory: 16GB.
  • Expandable Memory: SD Storage (up to 32GB). SATA Connection for a extra internal memory (add a concealed HDD)
  • Google Play Store: Yes.
  • Kodi 15.2 Helix pre-installed: Yes (Reliant and most stable).
  • HDMI: Yes.
  • USB Ports: 3 x High Speed.
  • 10/100 Ethernet: Yes.
  • Flash Support: Yes.
  • HD Video Playback: Yes, Supports 1080p Full HD Videos.
  • 4K Video Playback: Yes, Supports 4K Ultra HD Videos.
  • 3D Video Playback: Yes, Supports 3D Hardware Graphics Acceleration.
  • Video Support: H.265/H.264/H.263/VC1/WMV/MOV/MKV/AVI/RM/RMVB/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4.
  • Music Support: MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/AC3/WAV.
  • Photo Support: JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG.
  • Music Support: MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/AC3/WAV.
  • Card Reader: SD/SDHC/MMC cards.
  • HDD File System: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS.
  • Network Function: Miracast, Kodi, SPMC, Airplay, Skype, Picasa, YouTube, ect.
  • Gaming: Supports 3D gaming.
  • I/O Ports: 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI, Micro SD, 3.5mm Headphone Socket, Optical Audio out, Power Port.
  • WIFI: Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n – 2.4/5GHz Dual Band
  • Power: DC 5v/2A. Accessories: HMDI Cable, A/V Cable,Power Adapter, Remote Control, Manual.


It’s at this point we realise that we have so much more on our hands here than just a TV streaming device although it’s at the top of its game in that department. The T8V3S can just as easily be used as a full access internet machine/browser, media viewer or gaming console. Here ‘s what the guys state on the website


• Stream live TV.
• Stream movies.
• Stream movies from your home network or a SD card/HDD, to the device.
• Use this device anywhere in the world.
• This unit has airplay so you can stream your movies and photos from your apple device.
• Use Kodi.
• Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
• Catch up on all your missed TV with TV Catch-up.
• Surf the internet.
• Use the Google Play store.
• Play games


As far as the provision for the SATA hard drive is concerned there is a panel on the rear of the device that can easily be removed exposing the connection terminal.

It’s simply then a case of using the conveniently supplied additional screws to fix your drive to the underside of the panel before connecting up and replacing. All very neat indeed! The device will handle a 2.5″ 7mm SATA hard drive up to capacity of 2TB which is more than anyone should realistically require.

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

I don’t have a SATA Hard drive to connect up yet to show you but I will be getting one. However, with the doubling of memory size since the T8V2 I’m not sure I’ll need it.

Take look at the video on the Entertainment Box website on this feature by clicking here.


One thing worth noting is that the T8V3S, as per the specification, comes with a slightly different power supply. Please make sure that you don’t use any old or existing power supplies with your new device. Only use the correct power supply as supplied with your device.

So,  concentrating on the T8V3S, what are the big hitting changes since the T8V2?


T8 AML V3S Android Box Review

T8 AML V3S Android Box Review





T8 AML V3S Android Box Review


T8 AML V3S Android Box Review


So, bigger capacity, faster processing, better storage, speedier connection. All in all some serious performance advantages and that adds up to a much smoother and more stable streaming or gaming or internet experience.

However, don’t get me wrong about the T8 AML V2 it’s still a great bit of kit and will, I’m sure continue to make many people, including me, very happy.
OK, enough with the facts and figures, lets fire this kiddo up.


It’s so apparent just how fast this little black box is from the moment you power it up.

After the very cool new intro flash, a quick peek into the fresh install of Kodi 15.2 Isengard that comes preloaded, and the navigation between menus is seamless, there is just no delay whatsoever, wow, smooth as silk!

This can only be due to that Amlogic S812 2.0GHz Quad core processor backed up by 2GB DDR3 RAM and H.265 hardware decoding




Taking a look at the home screen it’s clearly different from the Kitkat 4.4 menu. Much cleaner and with some cool new features too.




There is now a nice big tile linking you to the Entertainment box App. This gives you just about everything you could ever need or need to know about your box and even a nice link to Bestforkodi.




If you are into gaming on your device, all the links are right there for you to download all your favourites.




The “clean memory” tile is a one click tool to tidy up your files and keep your box running smooth.

Taking a look inside the settings, it has a completely different look and feel to it now but the same features and a few more are all in there.

The weather tile reminds me that it’s finally stopped bloody raining outside!


A quick look inside the preloaded apps and we can see all the old favourites together with some other cool additions.




Bionic TCP is preloaded so you can turbo boost your internet, however the new T8V3S now has the processing and Gigabit Ethernet capabilities to handle any increase you may achieve, really letting you see difference.

The OTA updater is in there already so any firmware updates can be done now without any downloading files and SD card flashing.

Once again, I have to repeat, you really do notice the smooth and seamless navigation between all of these features.


Lets pop the Wookie build on it and see what it does. No need to load the “Wookie Lite” onto this bad boy, let’s go straight for the full fat version!




With the 100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet connected, I downloaded loaded and have the full Wookie version running within 2 minutes, again impressive, not even time to go make a cup of tea like with my T8V2!


If you prefer WiFi then dual-band 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ options are available.


Its noticeable just how quick you can now navigate within the Kodi add-ons, I don’t seem to be spending enough time even to even focus on that spinning “working” wheel.

I’m really looking forward to viewing some more 4K footage on the T8AMLV3S. I’ve had a quick look at Big Buck Bunny and he runs like a dream!




If you’re not sure just how good 4K is, check out Sparkys blog and see what it’s all about by clicking here.

I can’t wait to try some different builds on this beast (including my own)


T8 AML V3S Android Box Review


Having recently upgraded my Internet service at home, to be honest I never really noticed a step change on my T8V2.

However, with the T8V3S and I can now really see and feel the difference.


We now have a machine out there capable of working with some of these superfast Internet services available to us. That can only be a good thing for us all and our overall Kodi experience.

I did hear that the T8 AML V3S with its new features is “future-proof” and I now truly believe that.


If you’re looking for an all round high performance box for all of your Streaming, Internet and Gaming activities, this is the one, and right now they are at a great price too.


Why not try one of the combo deals including the great Rii wireless keyboard, click here it read its review.


The prices for the T8-AML-V3 currently start at £95.00. The devices can be purchased from here.






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