Thanks for all your support

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Thanks for all your support

Thank you to everyone that has supported the site so far. We are new to putting what we know into blog form and the support has been overwhelming.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that has taken time out of your day to click a link, read a post, follow us on Twitter, hate on us, praise us and generally help get the BFK name out there.

As with anything that’s new we appreciate the patience you are showing us whilst we find our feet. We plan on giving you a different take compared to other blogs. With different articles from the different members of the team, which all should give everyone an interesting take on stuff from all angles.

If you have a favorite Kodi blog you use, then by all means continue to use them. We are not here to offer competition. If they do their thing and we do our thing, everyone can be happy. After all some of them are absolutely fantastic sites. We will not bad mouth any other site as that’s not we do, let’s all be happy.

We are completely non profit. Any ads around the website help us to be able to offer competition prizes, that we give away to you guys. It’s just our small way of saying thanks.

We hope that we can offer old and new Kodi users some great content to read. We again appreciate all of the love we have received, you guys are the best !!!!!

We hope this site helps people use the great tool of Kodi to it’s fullest potential. Kodi is superb when you add some of the fantastic addons from some fantastic developers. Whilst we are here, we would love to say a massive thank you to all of the developers that have supported us, you guys rock and the amount of effort you put in is insane.

So again, can we just say ….

Thank you, dankie, shukran, ta, do jeh, xie xie, dêkuji, tak, kiitos, merci, danke, efharisto, toda, sukria, terima kasih, grazie, arigato, kamsa hamnida, takk, salamat po, dziekuje, obrigado, spasibo, gracias, istutiy, asante, tack, kawp-kun krap/ka’, tesekkür ederim.

We hope we got all that right. If not apologies!

We have some great stuff upcoming, so we hope you can stick with us.

If you would like to be part of the team then check out here.


Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts,


Sparky, Megamind1973, damiant, lee_genisys, EzZeRmAn and all the team at BFK


Thanks for all your support

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