The Big Kodi switch off – Support the Dev’s

The Big Kodi switch off - Support the Dev's


Evening Guys Welcome to The Big Kodi switch off – Support the Dev’s, They need your help please show them your support so that we dont lose these great addons for good.


Good Evening Guys. Some of you maybe aware that its all kicking off in the Kodi community today and you may well be wondering why one of your favourite addons is no longer working, this blog may help to explain why!

We need your help on this. The Devs need your help, these are the devs that give up their free time for you and never ask for anything in return – Until Now that is!!!

A Facebook group called Team Anonymous has used the hard work of Third Party Kodi Dev’s and produced their own addon with all their lists and hard work in it without their permission.

Kodi Devs are pulling there add-ons in protest until this stops.

Yes we have seen this action before. Some of you may remember when AAA came onto the scene last year.

The following addons are down or will be pulled later today and with more rumoured to be following suit.

Below are some examples of messages from these various Dev’s

UK Turks message to all his Followers

Dear Turksters,
As you might be aware over the last few days or so, there has been a so called addon (i use the word very loosely) called Anonymous Group that has taken it upon themselves to copy & paste every single popular addon into their addon without asking for permission & then claiming they are doing it for the Community because we are supposed to be making money every time you guys click on a link which is absolute Rubbish!!
You might say what are you moaning about because the Channels, Movies, Tv Shows are all stolen in the first place & there is no honor among thieves, this might be true but what you have to understand is ive spent over 3 years of my life bringing you guys content which is either hard to find over the internet or you just cant get hold of it, i have made it easier for you guys just to turn your box or your PC on and click on something & you can watch it without disturbance or annoying adverts or popups and if something is not working i always fix, the man hours of my time ive spent i cant get back but i was happy to do it for you guys with no self gain on my part apart from a free kebab here & there lol.
Now this Leech has not only copied & pasted the addon but also has published every single addons lists to the public including mine, this i wont TOLERATE so talking with metalkettle i regret to inform UK Turks has been pulled for the time being & other Devs & playlisters will be following suit

I did not want to do this as i was prepared to play the Cat & Mouse game with this frogspawn but after what he has done i have to protect myself, So please dont blame me or mettlekettle if you want to point any fingers point them at Marc Michelli his fb profile is
and his group is

Once again i am sorry it has come down to this but if we dont take ACTION now there will be no community left and all that will be left will be the sharks that are taking your money or dodgy unstable addons that dont put the work in & are here today & gone tomorrow.
So please be understanding to the cause & vent your frustrations at the proper channels.
Thank You for your Support & i hope to see you Guys soon when this has been resolved.
UK Turk


Team Wookies Message to all their users

The Big Kodi switch off - Support the Dev's

Cold as Ice Message

The Big Kodi switch off - Support the Dev's

Adrian Sports Message 

The Big Kodi switch off - Support the Dev's


Renegades Message

The Big Kodi switch off - Support the Dev's


Guys I would be really grateful if you all support the devs along with us all. We are all the Community and we don’t want to see what we have die. So we must all stand together and get the message out that this will not be tolerated.

If you have either of these addons on your Kodi builds i ask you to remove them because we don’t know if they are safe. If none of us use them then hopefully they will disappear back under the rock they came from.

Please share this blog with all your Kodi using friends via all of you social media platforms.

All the Best Sparky





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