The Twitter #devsandplaylistersuniteagain – Whats it all about?

 The Twitter #devsandplaylistersuniteagain - Whats it all about?


Good Morning Guys and Girls hope you are all well. Over the last few days you may have seen The Twitter #devsandplaylistersuniteagain – Whats it all about? well i am one of the members of these clear the air talks and hope to help with moving the community forward.

The Twitter #devsandplaylistersuniteagain – Whats it all about?

The Twitter #devsandplaylistersuniteagain – Whats it all about?

Over the last couple of days if you are a twitter user you would have seen the Hashtag #devsandplaylistersuniteagain and probably wondering to yourself

“Whats this all about?” “How does in effect Me?” “How does it effect my favourite addon?”

Well I am one of the lucky bloggers that have been invited to join the peace talks (That’s what i have called them) Well really they are just clear the air talks away from the public spotlight of twitter.

This just to give the guys the opportunity to speak and iron out any past issues and move forward for the love of our community.


Yes there are some very big Ego’s in the community! Yes this could messy! but Yes this is for the good of the Kodi Third Party community.


Big Thanks to Soulless, UK Turk, MetalKettle, Blue and Goliath for all the hard work in making this happen. There are well over 70 members in this group chat and growing by the day.


Over the last few weeks in the Kodi third party community there have been some big headlines and controversy of which i will not blog about as we have moved on from this.

Those of you that don’t have you head in the sand will know all about these.

This group is helping this happen. Yes it doe’s effect you the end user! For the good! hopefully.

Each and every Dev, Playlister, Builder and Blogger are good at what they do. Yes they all have different personalities but that’s what makes them and there addons. This is what will make our community great again.

There have been run ins and its not been all plain sailing but overall its been very productive over the last 48 hours.

This was culminated by the first of hopefully many live YouTube shows last night hosted on the Husham Youtube Channel.

I have embedded the video below for those of you that missed it.



For those of you that have watched it what are your thoughts? Drop me a message on our twitter HERE

So lets hope the future is bright and look forward to working in our new look community. Yes 90% of them are complete Nut Jobs lol

So lets all get tweeting  #devsandplaylistersuniteagain to show YOUR support to the Devs,Playlisters. That you all agree and support a united Third Party addon scene.


If you are an Addon Dev or playlister that has not taken part come and join the group to show you support for this way forward. Working Together is better than ripping each other apart.


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support. We are aware that we are a still a brand new site compared to some of the third party Kodi Websites. The site is still growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 44000 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.


Why not Bookmark our page. Check in with us on daily basis to see what new, or click and visit some of the companies that advertise on our site as income generated from these ads gets pumped back into the running costs of the site and will help us grow.


Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


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