Top 10 Movie Kodi addons 2016

Top 10 Movie Kodi addons 2016

This blog was first written just after the demise of Genesis – Top 10 Movie Kodi addons 2016 , the movie addons have grown from strength to strength since then so i have updated the blog today to include a few of my new favourites. These addons do come and go and i have lost quite a few of my personal favs from the original blog

Good afternoon Guys

The very Dramatic begining to the orignal blog lol, remember addons go all the time which always creates an opening to a new beginning.

Hope you are all well, today in my blog i am going to look at alternatives for you to Genesis for Movies. With Genesis about to breath its last breaths unless the team have a last minute change of heart. You can read my blog on it HERE thought i would blog on other movie options.

We are very lucky on the Kodi scene for the quality of the Movie addons that why it makes me laugh when scrolling through and reading the facebook pages and forums people saying where are am going to watch my movies now Genesis is going? Its no wonder the cracks appeared in Genesis if this is the case that most people used Genesis and did not spread the load over at least 20 other top class movie addons.

My blog today will highlight 10 of these movie addons that i feel could do an amazing job for you and make you think Genesis who? These 10 will not even include the amazing Phoenix as most people would know about that addon and the qualities that it has to offer.


Hevc Video Club

This is another top add-on from my old mate Dandymedia. This add-on brings to you Movies in brand new HEVC format. This is a grea format as the files are compressed so you get a top quality 1080p movie in under a gig. This is great if you have limited bandwidth.

Your require a HEVC compatible device to play these files. There are free sources within this addon.

But it will work better with a Real Debrid account connected to it. Please read our blog on the benefits of Real debrid in Kodi HERE


This is a great little add-on and well worth having on your system it has a lot of the latest releases and some older film in HD quality for you to enjoy.

So if you want an addon that has all of the latest movies at the click of a button then this is the addon for you.





If you have not got this addon installed on your device get it added today by following our guide HERE



Another superb Movie addon this time from the Mucky Duck repo this is a new ish addon to the scene and is packed with quality content for you to enjoy.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 11.57.38


It has loads of old and new movies for you to enjoy in various quality.


Screenshot 2016-01-18 11.59.23


If you have not got PubFilms on your device then follow install guide HERE


Release Hub

Release Hub it is different to a lot of  the others Movie and Tv addons in how it works.

Release Hub is the best movie add-on in my opinion as you can see i rated it number 2 in my Top 5 addons in Kodi list, read blog HERE 

I use this as my first port of call for Current Movies as it will always have them first before any other addon why you ask?

Well it uses the scene release sites the addon streams from their download sites these are not streaming sites hence older links not working as they do not replace dead links.

if you what to read up more on scene releases then please have a read HERE

Screenshot 2016-01-18 11.38.18

My fave sections in the addon are Release BB and Sceper which were both sites i used to read before moving onto the Kodi scene.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 11.38.50

This addon works better with Real Debrid or a similar account attached to it for premium hosts read my blog on the benefits of Real Debrid in Kodi HERE

If you have not got Release Hub on your device then follow install guide HERE



Velocity is an amazing addon, what can i say i am very impressed with the addon thus far. Its a TV Show and Movies addon brought to you by BlazeTamer. This is definitely an addon to watch grow in 2016.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.18

The addon will also use TRAKT. What is TRAKTTrakt is a a movie and TV database that you can access from your mobile phone or sync into Kodi and keep track of what you have watched and all of your favourite shows. I use it on other Kodi add-ons like Genesis and SALTs to pull and organize movie/TV data and keep track of what i watch. Check out their site and sign up for a free account HERE

Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.24

The only downside for us users in the UK certain sources that it uses are blocked and a vpn but this has been looked at in the last update with the option to add a custom url which is great.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.14.34

So who is BlazeTamer?

BlazeTamer is a Respected member of the TVADDONS Kodi community. He is the developer of Cliq and 2Movies, he is a member of the Navi-X team.He also part of the development team at Phoenix in my eyes one of the best Kodi addons at the moment.

If you have not got Velocity on your device then follow install guide HERE


123 Movies

Yet another top Movie addon from the Muckyduck Repo this addon is also quite new, it has a large database of movies for you to enjoy and are 1 click so no clicking on various sources. It has a great collection of new and old movies to keep you entertained for hours.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 12.06.44

Yes Street Fighter i know what i am going to watch after i finish this blog.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 12.07.03

If you have not got 123 Movies on your device then follow install guide HERE


Exodus Addon is another top add-on from Lambda the creator of Genesis. This add-on will be a favorite with all you all and is absolutely packed with content. This is a multi source addon. This means it gets it content from loads of sites. Add a Real Debrid and Trakt account to this addon to get the ultimate experience.

They are all broken down into sections like in above photo make it easier for you to find what they are looking for. Also has a search function which is such a simple idea but makes all the difference.

Plenty of great movies to watch in stunning 1080p quality at the click of a few buttons

If you have not got Exodus Addon on your device then follow install guide HERE


Well Specto started life as a Genesis clone but it has grown over time its great for TV Show and Movies addon, it has earnt its place here in the top 10 on merit of the dev who updates and improves it on a weekly basis. So well done to him.







If you have not got Specto Addon on your device then follow install guide HERE


IS Another amazing movie addon from Schism this is purely Movies only and has only been around for a few weeks


We have a few of the addon screen for you to have a look at below. As I stated before its very similar to exodus and the Dev credits Thanks to Lambda and uses the base code to create this brand new addon. This is not a copy or clone in any way.

Its seem like a great addon after using for a few hours over the weekend and i am sure you guys will love it. So its a must install from me!!


Install Zen Kodi Addon



Install Zen Kodi Addon



Install Zen Kodi Addon

A lot of the movies are not in HD Quality but in a decent 576p or 480p.

If you have not got ZEN Addon on your device then follow install guide HERE

Yes Movies 

Another great addon from the Mucky Duck Repo this addon was only released few days ago, I was testing it all day yesterday i can see this is going to be a great addition to my device. So whats it all about?

Movies and in great quality too.  This is a great little add-on and another one worth having on your device.


Yes Movies is a brand new addon from Mucky Duck this is a replacement for the now defunctMovieFlix which has gone to the Kodi Heaven. It has a great collection of Tv shows and Movies in both HD AND SD so will please most of you. Its packed with all the latest shows and movies. On first impressions this addon looks very promising. Lets hope it lasts.



Guide Install Yes Movies Kodi Addon Repo






Guide Install Yes Movies Kodi Addon Repo



If you have not got Yes Movies Addon on your device then follow install guide HERE

Fine and Dandy

The Fine and Dandy Kodi Addon is a great little add-on brought to by DandyMedia who’s list and addons Dandymedia boxsets and Binky Tv  i have recommended before. He is becoming a bit of machine at late banging out these addons.

Well what can i say about this?. You know it will be good and you know it will be reliable as Dandymedia work always is. He always keeps his list up to date and this will be no different.

It has a great selection of Movies for you all to enjoy. 720p, 1080p, 3D and even 4K Content.

To get the best out of this addon it  requires you to have a Real Debrid account. I have been told you can use without but the links are limited to UptoBox Links.

If you dont know what Real Debrid is and its benefits then check out our blog on it HERE and how to Configure it with Kodi HERE

Movie Galore


Install Fine and Dandy Kodi Addon



Install Fine and Dandy Kodi Addon


If you have not got Fine and Dandy Addon on your device then follow install guide HERE

Well that’s it for today’s blog hope this helps you out get your movie fix via your kodi device.




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