Top 5 Skins in Kodi for you to try

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Top 5 Skins in Kodi

Hi all.

I was prompted to have a look at something in Kodi.

So Curiosity Killed the Cat.

Question – Why?

Answer – Cause that’s what i do.

I’ve been involved in the XBMC/Kodi world for a fair few years now and nothing ceases to amaze me.

The builds have come a long way since 2002.

The World is “Actually” your Oyster now.

Any way enough of me

Lets get on.

This Blog is about “INTERNAL” Skins.

Did you know they existed?

Do you know how to get them?

Do you know how to install them?

Ok here we go.

First thing is first we need to know How do we install these pre-installed Skins?

This is the Build i am using as i post this Blog


This is how.

We open up XBMC/Kodi.

And go to System.




Once we get there we have the Option to download a “SKIN


Once you click “Get More” you will get a list of Skins.


Once you click on the one you want to install you will go through this procedure.




These are the 3 processes that the new Skin will have to do.

and the the final process will be “Do you want to change”

Top 5 Skins in Kodi

I used the above as an example.

There are Loads to chose from so Good Luck.

And my Top 5 are based on what i see and the accessibility to get around the build and navigate to where i need to go to.

For the Benefit of this blog i will give you my TOP 5.

No 5

For this skin i just love the look.


Top 5 Skins in Kodi

No 4


I like the way it fluctuates(moves) between icons.

Top 5 Skins in Kodi

No 3


I love the SETTINGS background

Top 5 Skins in Kodi

No 2


This skin gives you more information that you can “Shake a Stick at”

Top 5 Skins in Kodi

OK here is MY No 1 Chose….. you will Probably be disappointed but for what i use Kodi for this is my

No 1

Aeon Nox

So easy and so straight forward to get around.

Top 5 Skins in Kodi

Hope this gave you some in sight and some intriguing fingers.

I will post the other Built in Skins on a later blog.

But why not have a FIDDLE.

Till next time.

Have Fun.










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