Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV


Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV.


A few people have been asking us about this one, so here it is.


First things first, what is a 1 click addon? Well a 1 click addon is pretty self explanatory really, its one that when you click on the link you want it simply plays it. This means that you do not get a choice of links or links from multiple providers to scroll through or chose from, it just plays.


Now, this can be a good thing and also in some cases may not be so good. I am a firm believer that Kodi is all about choices. I always try to make sure that I have options for whatever I am wanting to watch. This is especially true for live events or football. You simply cannot rely on a single source to always be there for you, its just the nature of streaming. The superb service that the Kodi devs bring to us is sometimes out of their control and there’s nothing that can be done about it but to try another source sometimes. So next time you find a source that’s perhaps not working great one day, dont give the dev a hard time, just be grateful of what they are doing for us and move onto to an alternative. Most causes for sources not being at there best are short lived so you can return to your favourite dev soon enough.

OK, sidetracked there for a minute, back to the 1 click addons. One things that this type of addon is particularly good for is newcomers to Kodi because they do make life very simple. This means they are a great place to start if you are a newbie. Also, sometimes in today’s world, we just don’t want to scroll through links to find the best, we just want it in “1 click”.

What do we want from a 1 click addon? Well there are loads out there and I reviewed almost 20 to come up with MY top 5 as it stands right now. The factors I took into consideration were primarily:

  • Picture Quality (on a similar cross section of movies or TV shows)
  • Choice of Movies or TV Shows
  • Speed of Load
  • Number of Dead Links

So, in starting in reverse order, this is MY top five right now. At the end of this blog you will find links to further guides and how to install these addons.



Number Five: DandyMedia Box Sets




A great selection in this addon all of which all load nice and quick. Really worth a look if you are after a particular movie which is part of a series. For me this was the only restriction with this addon as it does only contain boxsets and Movies that are part of a series. However, what could be better if you are after a marathon movie session!





Number Four: Niter




A simple structure inside this one but a powerful selection of top movies to view. No TV shows in here though, just movies.





Number Three: IZLE




Quite a new addon this one in Mucky Ducks Repo. You will love the speed of this one. A super choice including a couple of great IMDB sections (Internet Movie Database) which include some great classics all available with 1 click.



Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV

Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV



Number Two: 9 Movies.




If you are after an addon to watch some of the latest movies in great quality with just a singe click then this one is perfect for you. Top marks for Quality, Choice and Speed were scored here with only one thing stopping it from getting the number one spot. The only thing holding this one back was that it is Movies only with no TV show links.

There is a really good section where you can select movies from different countries around the world. I searched a few several and they were all great and worked almost instantaneously.


Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV



My Number One 1 click addon right now is, 123 Movies.




Don’t be put off by the title there are plenty of TV shows to be found in here.


Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV


With Movies I always go straight for the Most Viewed sections if there are available in addons and in here you can find all you want. The search function is also great and it did’t fail to bring up what I was looking for.

All links worked fine and loaded super fast! I never found one in my test that failed to impress me.


Top Five 1 Click Addons for Movies and TV


Right now this addon scored the best in all the tests I ran so it just had to take top place.

Why not take a look in further detail at these addons by clicking on the links below. Give them you own test and let us know what you think at or on Twitter @Bestforkodi.


Click here for a guide and installation details on Dandymedia Boxsets


Click here for a guide and installation details on Niter


Click here for a guide and installation details on IZLE


Click here for a guide and installation details on 9Movies

9 movies

Click here for a guide and installation details on 123Movies

123 movies



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

We’d love you to get in touch with us and tell us your favourites addons right now at or on Twitter @Bestforkodi.









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