Transfer your Kodi Build from one device to another

Transfer you Kodi Build from one device to another


Good Evening guys and Girls hope you are having a great weekend in this blog we take a look at a very simple way to transfer your build to any other device within minutes. Follow this blog and have the same build on all your devices.

Transfer your Kodi Build from one device to another


Hello BFKers.

I am here today to show you how easy it is to transfer your build from one device to another, This is such an easy process to do. All you need basically is a USB Stick OR a SD Card to transfer the files from one device to the device you desire to put your build on.

This process can also be done by uploading the files to a storage space site ie DropBox OR Archive. And then downloading them on the desired device you wish to put your build on.

OK so how does it work?

Well it works quite simply by locating the Addon/Media and userdata folders with in your Kodi build.

Where are they you ask?

Here are the root directory for both Windows and Android

Windows – c:/user/user name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi

Android – Device/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi

And there you will see 5 folders.

The green arrows indicate the files you need to put on your USB Stick or SD Card.

Once you have transferred the 3 files as shown above onto your External device ie USB Stick/SD Card. then insert your USB Stick/SD Card into the device you wish to install the build on.

I will show you how to transfer from Android to PC.

So tick the 3 files that you need as shown below,And then click the Copy icon at the bottom.

Transfer you Kodi Build from one device to another

No go back and find your external storage device.

In my case it is called SD Card.

Once you click on your external device you will get the opportunity to Paste.

Click paste the files will paste to your external storage device.

Once the process has finished remove your storage device and connect it to the device you wish to install the build on.

In my case i am going to put the build on my PC.

Once inserted into my PC the external card will come up on my PC as E:/

Click on your external  drive and locate the 3 files we have just taken from our Android box.

OK so now we have the 3 files we need to put them in the kodi folder to replace the build. Unlike Android where we have to Tick the boxes to select all 3 folders ,On a PC its a little different, if you click 1 of the folders then press CTRL+A Then that will select all 3 folders, Now if we Right click and any of the highlighted folder we get options.

We want to select Copy.

Now we need to find our root directory for our Kodi build and on a PC it is Windows – c:/user/user name/AppData/Roaming/Kodi.

Once in that folder you need to paste the 3 files, So click in an empty space with in the folder and click paste.

Once you click paste the 3 files will over ride the existing build you had on your PC, Now at some point through this process you will see this.

Click replace the files in the Destination.

Now you have transferred 1 build from one device to another.

All of the above is the same principle for transferring any build to any device so you don’t have to keep uninstalling Kodi and re-installing and then downloading the same build.

Hope this was of some use to some of you.

Enjoy and be good.

If you need skinning help then why not have a look HERE


Transfer you Kodi Build from one device to another

Until next Time

Anyway guys will catch up with all of you soon.

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